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The Ipo Of Xyz Construction Inc.

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XYZ Construction Inc. like many other organizations has outgrown its geographical boundaries and as a result the leadership team plans on expanding its horizontal construction nationally and internationally. du Plessis (2009) suggested that globalization and internationalization challenges are now demanding that organizational managers fine-tune or draft new policies and procedures to stay competitive in the global markets. As such, the leadership within XYZ Construction Inc. has also decided to transition from a private to a public ownership construct and launch its initial public offering (IPO). Going forward there is a number of issues that need to be briefed to the executive level within XYZ Construction, Inc. Specifically, there are concerns with the economic and legal factors that could affect the organization. Consequently, the following information will seek to describe and analyze employment and labor law influences as the company grows both domestically and internationally.
Initial Public Offerings
First, it is important to highlight that XYZ Construction, Inc. has planned to make an initial public offering (IPO) in the near future, which is a significant milestone for the company’s stockholders. Moreover, the IPO will enable the generation of capital from a broad segment of the public sector and an opportunity to disseminate information on the business. The marketing will follow after the registration of documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with a prospectus distributed to its investors (Businessdictionary online dictionary, 2011). The potential of success may be triggered by an underpriced IPO, for instance, Guo, Brooks, and Fung (2011) suggested a number of reasons why IPOs in China go well underpriced. The Chinese IPO market according to Guo et al, (2011) has increasingly become more important while drawing much attention. One of the reasons is that Chinese IPO markets are known to be extremely underpriced and as a result China ranks first among 45 countries with respect to IPO underpricing. Guo et al. (2011) also suggested that there is a great number of optimistic investors waiting for high initial-day returns despise the greatly reduced potential benefit from IPOs, nevertheless they are still thought to be highly profitable. Lastly, during the last decade or so the IPO market in China has developed and maintained a good track record for profits. Consequently, the China example is encouraging to support the investors’ desire to launch XYZ Construction, Inc. IPO, which as aforementioned may very well benefit from an underpriced IPO market. Additionally, it is prudent to point out that there are expenses associated with an IPO yet these are worth in the long run. As suggested by Booth (2011.) “Underpricing comes at the expense of the original owners and venture capitalists of the issuing firm” (Booth, 2011, p. 4). However, there is a general tendency that investors do not sell...

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