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The Iron Throne Taken From Game Of Thrones College Writing Essay

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Have you ever imagined seven kingdom's fighting for the same throne? It is driving force for the clash between all the houses and has also blurred the lines between good and evil. The Iron throne is the key to all resources, power and army. Game of Thrones a fantasy serial drama hooked me like a fish because of the characters like Jon snow the king in the north and more different characters like the orcs and the dark lords. The most interesting thing about game of thrones is the continuous struggle for the power between the different houses and the alliances to take revenge just to hold a good position in different kingdoms.
You should watch Game Of Thrones because it's totally different from anyone's expectations and the climax of every season is a total surprise package. The good fight's evil and the evil becomes more powerful after every defeat.
why we should watch game of thrones?
It is a medieval-themed political fantasy drama series and my favorite character in Game of throne was Jon Snow not after being a normal soldier he shows his never-ending will to fight against the evil. Ghost one of the dire wolf and he accompanies Jon Snow wherever he goes. There's a motto used by house of Stark the house to which Jon belongs and the motto is "Winter is Coming" in one way winter is considered to be the "White...

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