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The Ironic Allergy Treatment Essay

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The Ironic Allergy Treatment
In the United States, there are 60 million people that suffer from allergies. This is twice as many as people who suffer from cancer, congenital heart disease and stroke, combined (Naff 32). Luckily, there are treatments for those who are affected by allergies. Allergen immunotherapy is a treatment that helps many people in the United States and other countries around the world. There are several other names used for this treatment, such as such as allergy shots, specific allergen immunotherapy and allergen vaccine therapy (Corren 37-40). Only some people should seek help from allergy shots, because of its unique procedures and various effects.
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These most likely can be eliminated by taking over the counter medication for the season that they are troublesome. Multi-seasonal allergies cannot always be controlled, and in this situation allergy shots are a good option. One reason that a person may not want to try allergy shots, is due to the high cost of the treatment. Allergy shots are only for certain patients that will have the most success with the treatment.
If the treatment is specific to a certain patient, then how does it work? The treatment is called immunotherapy, because the goal is to train the immune system not to react to the allergen (“Should I Get Allergy Shots?”). This kind of treatment was first reported in 1911 from grass pollen extracts (Rank). The science behind immunology is extracting the allergen and putting it into the body to familiarize it with the immune system. There is only a small amount of the allergen at a time, so the immune system can still handle it (“Should I Get Allergy Shots?”). An allergy skin test is used to find out how much and what kind of allergen will be used in the specific immunotherapy (Corren 37-40). Allergy skin tests can also be used to diagnose the allergen. Shots are given first on a weekly or biweekly basis, and slowly patients receive a bigger dosage, but not as often. Eventually they will only have to get a shot every few months, and the treatment lasts anywhere from 3-5 years. Doctors will highly recommend the patient to stay at the office for up to 30 minutes after the shot is given, to monitor them (Rank). Allergy shots cater to a variety of patients, and because they are specific for every patient, they are a good option.
Monitoring the patient is very important for the doctor, in case of a reaction. Most people will never experience a reaction, but the risk is still there. If the patient is in the 90% that saw results from allergy shots, they most likely did not have a reaction (Rank). Most people that saw results were either less sensitive to...

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