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To begin, I will catch you up on what has happened up until the prologues of the characters. Chaucer introduced to us the characters that are going on this big trip to Canterbury. A number of religious affiliated people went on this group trip. Having the religious people in the group had a major impact on the people. They were able to get to really learn the true attitudes are the way these people really where. So in the general prologue, all the characters introduced themselves and gave a little background on themselves. Now knowing that, you need to know that these people did not exist. The trip itself did not exist, it was all made up. Chaucer was able to use other people to say what he was thinking on the inside. This was a huge. He used satire to manipulate the people. When someone would come and ask about a particular character, Chaucer would say he doesn’t remember their exact names. He would come up with something in order to protect himself in the end. As he went on into his tales that the characters gave, the satire grew much larger. He was lying, but he got his point across, which is exactly what he was aiming for. Therefore, in my essay I will be talking about the satire Chaucer used in his tales of the characters, mainly the Pardoner, and the Wife of Baths.
To start off, here is a general way Chaucer used satire in his work. Chaucer say’s one thing when he means the complete opposite. The reason why Chaucer made this story was because he had an agenda he wanted to make a point to his given audience. What was his point? Chaucer has difficulties dealing with the corruption among the Roman Catholic Church. For example, the Pardoner has a big dealing in the corruption. The pardoner loves to play the game. He preaches one thing and lives by what he is preaching against, hence the satire. The main thing the Pardoner his preaching against is greed. Now the Pardoner himself is very greedy. He wants money and he doesn’t care how he goes about getting this money. The Pardoner gets much of his money from the yokels. A yokel is known as a not so smart person or people. They don’t know that what the Pardoner is preaching is wrong so they are convinced he knows what he is talking about. The only thing he cares about is getting their money. Once they are dead, they can go down for all he cares. Now the Pardoner is telling everyone this! He is getting on the drunk side so he is opening up to what he is doing. The Pardoner says the following, “Trust me, you need not to doubt my word. I won’t...

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