The Is A Film Review Of Robert Altman's Black Comedy "The Player"

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Robert Altman's satirical master piece The Player was written by Michael Tolkin as an adaptation of his novel of the same name and premiered April 3, 1992. The film portrays Hollywood producer Griffin Mill, played by Tim Robbins, as a man that we love to hate. The story however has so critical of Hollywood and the film industry in general that it is a wonder how this film was ever made. The Player is filled with cameos by many top actors, both from modern to actors from eras gone by. Rounded out with stellar camera work and top acting performances and it is no wonder how entertaining that this film really is to watch. Robert Altman is no stranger to black comedy having directed several other black comedies such as MASH years before. The films writer Michael Tolkin wrote both the novel and the screen adaptation for the movie and worked closely to with Altman though out the film. The basic plot of the film is about Hollywood producer who begins to receive death threats from a writer. Mill's not willing to bring these threats to the attention of anyone because of the new producer who just got a job at the studio and him are both fighting to take control of the studio. Mill's confronts the writer and winds up killing him however he kills the wrong writer. This sets police investigation and a love affair with the dead writer's girl friend in this hard hitting true to life film. Tim Robbins character is truly an anti-hero, hero. When we first are introduced to his character we are seduced by how charismatic and charming he appears. This impression however does not last very long at all as we quickly see how pick of a prick he really is. One hand Griffin Mill is man how wishes to have high morals and ethics, but is torn by his need to do a job well and make the studio profitable and gain personal success. This is much like his view on films, "movies are art, now more than ever." This quote comes after Mill has told us what a movie really is "Suspense, laughter, violence. Hope, heart, nudity, sex. Happy endings. Mainly happy endings" This dualistic aspect of film is really just a representative of what Griffins own personal struggle of what kind of person he wants to be. The Player is a satire and like all satires someone or something has to be the target of the jokes, and in this case Hollywood wares a bull's-eye. The film really is critical of Hollywood on many different fronts. In the opening scene we drift in and out of meetings in which active pitches are going on. One of these is a pitch for The Graduate: Part II and another for a movie so similar to Gods Must be Crazy that most of the film would not have to be...

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