The Island Of Dr. Moreau, Chapter Questions And Exercises

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Prendick’s tone is a neutral tone. He tells the reader in the opening sentence of his encountering of the island. He has been through an ‘unexpected adventure’ even though the audience might think that it is just another thriller.Prendick’s tone sounds ‘measured’ and ‘innocent.’ The opening paragraph shows Prendick’s eager to explore the island rather than being afraid as to how the reader might see it.“The reader will perhaps understand that at first everything was so strange to me, and my position was the outcome of such unexpected adventures, that I had no discernment of the relative strangeness of this or that thing about me.”2. There is suspicion to why Moreau is so eager to get to work with the new stuff, even Montgomery was convinced to hear Moreau’s eager to start his work.“I’m itching to get to work again- with this new stuff, “ said the grey haired man.The conversation between Montgomery and Moreau is also unusual because of the uninvited guest, Prendick. The reader feels mysterious about Moreau and Montgomery keeping Prendick on the island. What is Moreau and Montgomery going to do with him? Does he play a significant role to the experimentation? The conversation between Montgomery and Moreau is therefore unusual, but plays a significant role in the suspense of the story.“And now comes the problem of this uninvited guest. What are we to do with him?”3. Prendick’s room is quite a small apartment but not uncomfortably furnished. The room has a hammock, unglazed windows, making the place look a bit shabby and ugly. Nevertheless, the room had a sea view. The room was very secure as there were locks on doors and iron bars to secure the room ‘for fear of accidents.’ There were several educational items like Latin and Greek books and surgical works. There is also a door inside the room which led to paved courtyard.4. Pendrick is bothered by the ‘bundle of keys and the elaborate locking up of the place’ on page 30 and 31. Montgomery must be either trying to prevent something dangerous coming in or preventing Prendick from leaving the apartment.“The grey-haired man produced a bundle of keys from the pocket of his greasy blue jacket, opened this door, and entered.”“His keys and the elaborate locking up of the place, even while it was still under his eye, struck me as peculiar.”However, Pendrick is even more bothered by M’ling’s fury pointed ears.“Then astonishment paralysed me. Under his stringy black locks I saw his ear; it jumped upon me suddenly close to my face. The man had pointed ears, covered with a fine brown fur!”“His pointed ears were covered with brown fur! Then it came to Prendick –The Moreau Horrors!”5. Pendrick is shocked most by one of Montgomery’s attendants, M’ling. The thought of the “Moreau Hollows” hit Prendick. Prendick remembers seeing the...

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