The Islanders Part 8: The End Of All Question.

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The islanders part 8: The end of all questions.The first thing I saw was the lumps on the floor, they looked like rocks, but I then realized they were the dead. I turned to Lapepa, "So, what do you think? Does this place creep you out or what?" He smiled a faint smile, "No, it's not that bad, it's just something about this place it... it's hard to explain." "Tell me." "Well, I feel like I have been here before you know, but not in this body, but another one, you know, it's freaky, I feel like there are spirits around." He was swaying back and forth, he looked exhausted, "Are you okay? You look wasted." He smiled, "Thanks, you don't look so bad your self." I laughed, I could tell there was something wrong.He moved towards me, I put my arms around his neck, I could feel his weight on me, at first I didn't mind, but I could definitely tell something was wrong with him, because I was supporting him, "Lapepa, are you okay?" I wasn't about to panic, we were safe, but what were we in danger from in the first place? "Yeah, I'm fine I just feel dizzy, can you help me over there to that rock?" "Yeah." I helped him over to the rock. He put his head against the wall, he closed his eyes, I turned around to get a better look at the place. "I like it here it's quiet, no one to bug us." I waited for him to respond, but he didn't, I turned to see him the way he was, his eyes were closed. "Lapepa?" I moved closer, "Lapepa?" I didn't see him breath, "Oh my God! He's dead!""No my dear, he is just resting." I felt a hand on my shoulder."Samantha I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." "Jimmy, Katherine is in danger! We have to help her!" Jennifer walked by, "Good morning, Sammy what's wrong?" "My sister needs my help!" "Why what's wrong with her?" "I just saw her leave with Lapepa, they went t a cave, and there is supposed to be an earth quake today! She can get stuck!"Sara was in the kitchen making breakfast, Aaron was setting up the table. "Sam, when did you see Kat leave and how do you know she is going to this place?" "Aaron she left this note, and its about 5 miles from here we better hurry!" Sara stopped what she was doing and said, "Then lets hurry." Jimmy turned and stared at her. "You believe me?" "Of course I do, now lets hurry, Jen go get dressed, Aaron go start to jeep, and Jimmy calm her down."Jennifer came out wearing her white summer dress, Samantha had on a t-shirt and shorts, Sara came running in from the front door, she had on a tank top and peddle pushers. "Are you guys done yet?" She saw Jennifer, "You done?" "Yeah, come on Sam, let go help Kat!"Aaron honked the horn, Sara stuck her head...

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