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The Islanders Part 9:The End At Last

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The islanders part 9: The end at last."Aaron go faster!" Samantha yelled. "Sam, I'm already going 60, just calm down." The car went over something causing Aaron to stop the car with a jolt."Is everyone okay?" Sara asked, "Yeah, Aaron are you alright, what happened?" Jennifer asked. "I don't know, everyone wait here let me check." He jumped out of the jeep. "I think we got ourselves a flat tire.""Oh my God, things can't get any worse!" Samantha said under her breath. "Sam, would you please chill, it's only a flat tire, I'm sure Aaron can fix it." Jimmy said getting out of the jeep. "Yeah but it will take a while, maybe 15 to 20 minutes."Samantha got out of the jeep, "Are you crazy we don't have much time! That's it I'm going." Samantha ran off. "Sam, wait up!" Jimmy ran after her. "Jimmy, wait! Jennifer you and Aaron stay here and fix the car, I'm going to go with them." Sara ran after Jimmy and Samantha. "I hope they find Kat." Jennifer said looking at Aaron. "So do I."Samantha stopped near a hill. Jimmy and Sara finally caught up. "Look right there, that's Lapepa!" Samantha pointed out. "Come on." She started running again. "Oh no not again!" Jimmy said taking a deep breath. "Come on Jimmy boy, lets hurry." Sara and Jimmy ran after Samantha."Yes! I fixed it!" Aaron said. "Finally, I knew you could do it!" She kissed him. "Now let's go save Kat!" Aaron started the jeep, and they were off.Everything felt so weird, as if I was under water. I felt my body being picked up. But I didn't know who was carrying me, everything was dark. I think my eyes were shut. I felt my body touch the floor. I think someone was calling my name, I could feel someone shaking me."Katherine! Can you hear me?! Wake up come on!" Someone was definitely calling my name, was it Kamoha? Did I sell my soul to him, to live forever with him? Why is everything dark, are my eyes even open? Oh God what the hell is happening!?"Katherine please wake up!" It was Samantha, my sister. SAMMY! I'm still here!Katherine's eyes popped open."Kat, your okay, oh my God you scared me!" Samantha hugged me. I took a deep breath, and sat up. "I'm fine." I smiled, Lapepa was on my right and Samantha was on my left, Jimmy was standing behind her, Sara was right in front of me, and Aaron was on her left, he was hold holding hands with Jennifer.Sara hugged me, "You had us worried." I hugged her back. "Nothing can keep me down." it was Jennifer's turn to hug me. "I'm never letting you out of my sight again!" I laughed. "I already told you guys I'm fine!""Hey where's my hug?" Jimmy said grinning. I hugged him, "Don't forget about me." Aaron said. I hugged him too. "Don't worry I won't forget you." "You guys act as if I was about to die." "It was a close call." Lapepa said hugging me. "Are you okay, you fell asleep back there." "Yeah, but I woke up just in time to see you fall asleep." I giggled, "This is crazy, why are we still here, lets go have some fun!""Come on, lets go back, this time I'm not driving!"...

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