The Islanders Part5:A New Mystery Essay

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The islanders part 5: A New Mystery"What did you say?" I rubbed my eyes hard, and blinked twice. I saw the face staring at me, it was Lapepa. "Oh, umm, nothing." I could feel my face getting red. I smiled causally. "Do you know what time it is?" I asked calmly."Yeah time to part!" Jennifer said walking in with Aaron and Jimmy. Sara walked in smiling, with Samantha right behind her. "Wow, I feel special, you all came in my room to check upon me." "I didn't know you were going to strip for us Kat?" Jimmy said with a grin. "What are you talking about... I didn't finish I was look at my legs. "Did anyone ever tell you, you had great legs Kat!" Jimmy went on. I was in my underwear. I rolled my eyes. "You act as if you have never seen me like this, you know I'm going to be like this when change into my bikini.""I have to admit you have nice legs Kat." Jennifer turned and threw a pillow at Aaron, "Hey, bug off you guy are just jealous, cause your legs don't look like that!" I burst out laughing. "I don't want to sound rude or anything but can you guys leave, because I still need to change." "Okay, we will be Waiting outside."Lapepa waited until everyone left the room to speak. "I think you and I need to talk, do you think you can meet me during the bonfire?" I smiled, "Yeah sure, no problem." he walked out, and I changed into my baby blue bikini, and put jean shorts and a T-shirt over that.I walked out to see everyone talking to someone. "Okay I'm done, so you guys ready to go?" "Yeah, so Lapepa, what are we going to do first?" Aaron asked. "First we are going to take a tour of the island, and I will show you the shops, and if you like I will take you to the beach where you can learn to surf." "I'm totally up for surfing!" Sara said excitedly. "I want to check out the clothes and store out here!" Samantha said smiling. "I want to check the babes." Jimmy said smiling.We all walked out of the little house. I noticed that Aaron was walking real close to Jennifer. I smiled to my self. Wow Jennifer looks happy, I'm real glad that they are getting to know each other better. Katherine thought to her self."Kat?" "Yeah Sara?" "Look Aaron and Jen are holding hands!" Sara whispered to me. "I know I'm so happy for her!" we both started smiling. I could see Jennifer smiling too."This is the town where I was born, this is also the town where my ancestors were born." Lapepa said. "Over there, is where my mother and father work." "I would like to meet your parents, I'm sure they are nice people." Katherine said. He smiled, "You can meet them at the bonfire."We started walking again and Lapepa was showing us more places but I wasn't listening. I was looking at Claire and her group. Dave, Linda, Mark, and Joe, were in her group. But I wasn't really staring at her group anymore Lapepa's home town looked different, it looked like those old and day times. Like it did in my dream!!!"Kat? You okay?" I turned around and smiled, "I'm fine I... I thought I...

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