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The Issue Of Deforestation Essay

1344 words - 6 pages

Brenna Gibbons
Professor Gish
English 001

Deforestation “Is the cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area. Deforestation can erode soils, contribute to desertification and the pollution of waterways, and decrease biodiversity through the destruction of habitat” (Deforestation).
There are always two sides of an issue, and in many cases there is not always a middle ground where they can agree. There are pros and cons, rights and wrongs, and one side pointing the finger at the other. Unfortunately, when two opposing sides are so passionate about their own point of view, sensitive issues such as deforestation are rarely resolves in an amicable way. People usually end up suffering because of the conflict. In this case, deforestation is the topic. Deforestation has been a controversial topic since before the 1950s. Deforestation goes back even further to when humans first existed. Since then this issue has happened wherever humans are. Some advocates say deforestation is not a horrible thing people make it out to be; it has its positive sides. We can use clear cut areas for human expansion, while opponents suggest we need to find alternatives. This issue is devastation to our earth. We are destroying too many important things, more than we fully realize.
Deforestation happens in more places than people think. The most targeted areas are the rain forests in areas such as Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Domestic and Republic of the Congo, parts of Africa and Eastern Europe. All of these places are home to humans living in cities and indigenous people living in the forest itself, as well as the native animals of these countries, and anywhere else deforestation is. Humans clear areas and take trees for businesses to expand cities and make more homes. Sadly, in this process of success, forests are slowly disappearing from our earth. One supporting side says we have to do this, we need to do this, and some say there is no other way. If anything, humans are expanding, and as we expand we need more room to improve and grow. With all this growth, we then could make more businesses and jobs for more Americans. The opposing side says devastation could be great if we don’t slow down or find another way and balance it out. Many businesses are blind to this. Most business people who run these companies only see money, and many of the workers, but not all, see this as a good job to support their families; whether they believe this is right or wrong. The opposing side says this is understandable, making room for more jobs, but these jobs are not useful to people who need them. Why not use the open space properly and create jobs that could benefit us all as a whole, rather than just making more jobs for the rich men/women or companies. There are a list of pros and cons this issue has. There is a battle of who is right and who is wrong in this matter.
For the opposing side, there is a list that could run for miles...

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