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The Issue Of Immigration In Comic Books Social And Political Events In American Superhero Graphic Novels That Have Added To The Rising Topic Of I

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Immigration is receiving both liberal and conservative views, and has become a hot topic on the ballot. Whether or not to establish immigration reform solely lies upon the people of the United States; But not all wish to show the positive outcomes of having immigrants in the United States.
Pop culture has served as propaganda for many years, whether it was a poster of Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer to be in the army or the three-minute commercial break that smashes a logo in the viewers face, propaganda is everywhere.
With pop culture, many characters have been invented to help imagination become reality. The logo of Superman has been plastered all over the media and on ...view middle of the document...

To be Americanized may be seen as giving up on the culture that one grew up with and the immigrant will receive negative reception, but from the people of the same culture.

Immigration reform has been debated over and over again, especially after events such as The Attack On Pearl Harbor and 9/11. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are over 40,000,000 immigrants in the United States, which includes the 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants stated by the Department of Homeland Security. While an immigrant solely means that a person moves from one location to another, many stereotypes have depicted the idea of an immigrant very differently.

In the New York Times, an article was published that shed light in to the stereotypes of immigrant workers, who were seen as “a black market force lowering wages for legalized immigrants and native born Americans”. It was also found that many Americans believe that illegal immigrants have jobs towards agriculture and family care due to the lack of knowledge of the English language. If this is one stereotype, how many other stereotypes are there for immigrants?

Xenophobia has existed for America since the second generation of pilgrims engaged in war with the Native Americans of the land.

the establishment of Ellis Island and Angel Island in the 1900s. Xenophobia is constantly portrayed as well against superheroes and super villains that were not born in America. But fighting against this stereotype is difficult to do when the media aids in providing the stereotypes.

Comic books have increased in sales by 14%, especially after movie releases based on series created by Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics. In comic books, it can be seen that those from another country or planet will not receive positive reception UNLESS they are Americanized. The characters who are not Americanized will either be often depicted as a villain or receive negative reception from the readers and citizens of the comic books. These characters then seek asylum, whether if it is in rebellion, such as Magneto, or at least make an attempt to fit in somewhere, such as Raven and K’oriander from the first Teen Titans.
American superhero graphic novels have become popular since the 1930s, and served as a way to bring upon hope to the country. Epic battles such as Captain America and the Red Skull would depict who America was fighting and what America was fighting for. It then went from actions to save a country to actions that would sell a product. In one page that was not placed in any issue, Captain America scares the Red Skull with a Twinkie, which has replaced the “Cosmic Cube” that the Red Skull is shown to be after in the Captain America series.
While Captain America wore the symbol and carried the name that would make people think that he would be the symbol of America, Superman and Wonder Woman took over, outselling Captain America and many other issues that had characters born in the...

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