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The Issue Of Poverty As A Whole In Pakistan

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This is considered not out of the norm for many families in Pakistan. Many of them have had to make enormous sacrifices in order to survive in these hard times. As seen in the previous paragraph children who are to sacrifice their education to help the family during times of poverty, may never really be able to receive an education later. For most families that are in the same situation like Rafiq and his family, the basic necessities such as food and water that others take for granted are now considered the highest priority in their lives.
Though native-born families are the ones who suffer the most in poverty in Pakistan, there are also outsiders who suffer just as much. One example is the children of Afghan refugees from Afghanistan. During the Afghan War, many families in that region have been separated or killed during battles and abductions conducted by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. This group has threatened almost virtually everyone in the country that if they don’t listen and obey their rules, they will have them executed or tortured. Thus, many families have packed their belongings and have made long treks out of the war torn nation. Once, they come into Pakistan, they expect their experience to be better than the one in Afghanistan. And to a certain extent, some of that may be true. However, once they become integrated in the society, they realize that it is very hard to find a place to work.
Afghan children are also put in the same situation of not being able to go to school because their families are new to the region and can’t afford to pay for their education. Usually they were either farmers back in Afghanistan or everything they had was taken during the war. Because of their experience and loss during the war, they don’t have much when they come to Pakistan. It is even a fact that “Pakistan is home to hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees. Over the last three decades, at least 1.6 million Afghans have fled their home after continuous wars and violence in their country” (Ryall) . Now this makes it even harder for not only Pakistanis competing for jobs but now they must compete with Afghans as well. This makes it all the more frustrating for many Pakistanis who consider Afghan refugees as an obstacle to their chance of being employed.
Despite the feelings of some Pakistanis, there are many Afghans who don’t exactly think that their new home in Pakistan is better than how they lived in Afghanistan. One example comes from a young child named Awal Gul. “In a slum on the outskirts of Islamabad, 12 year old Awal Gul works as a day laborer at a vegetable market. The young boy has never been to school yet has dreams of becoming a world-famous cricket star” (Ryall) . Even though he is only a kid, Awal feels that his family had a better set up in Afghanistan than they did in Pakistan.
In Afghanistan, his family was already living in rural areas and they mostly made their own food through farming. Now that they live in Pakistan, and...

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