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The Problem Of School Violence Essay

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Columbine High School, April 20, 1999 was the scene of a massacre, but in wake of this massacre America experienced an epiphany. Tragically, this was not the last we would here about crimes of a similar nature to this one. From 1996 to 2000 an unprecedented slew of violence occurred. There were twelve incidents which received national coverage and left many millions more questioning what happened, what went wrong, where did this come from. This clearly marked the social evolution from the 1950's Mickey Mouse and Leave it to Beaver social ideal to our present day Marilyn Manson and Snoop Doggy Dog pluralist sub-cultures. Whether the events that were mentioned above are the social ramifications of Media or Family is not the immediate concern. The immediate concern is what is it that we do now in the faith of common sense to immediately battle back. The question to ask is what we are doing to stop and prevent crimes and offenses, whether they are on the magnitude of Columbine or the classic tale of the bully vs. the nerd.Walking into a public high school three years after the epiphany and one will witness a very different approach towards the matter. Let us take into to consideration the following scenario: Student A occupies the parking spot of Student B, an exchange of vulgar profanity takes place. Both parties leave and there is no fight but a growing animosity is left in the minds in each of the groups. Teacher X witnesses the incident, hence informs the dean about the altercation. In the middle of the day Student A and Student B are beckoned from their respective classrooms to attend a mandatory Peer-Mediation discussion. Both students meet confined in a room and with a student and the dean present. They are told to narrate the events that took place. The intended outcome is acknowledgement of guilt by one side or clearing up misunderstandings. Peer Mediation is just one many way public schools through out America are trying to prevent school violence. In order to understand the policy of public schools prevention and measure them we must see how these methods are implemented, what is that works in the prevention tactics.Although peer mediation has found some success through the research of the University of Florida's conflict resolution/peer mediation research project it is not the only method of prevention says the center for prevention of school violence. It is their belief that schools need to incorporate a much larger concept of school safety. They need to design a plan for every area of the school from restrooms and locker rooms to the councilor's office and the principal's office. This "think tank" that was started...

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