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The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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The Problem of Teen Pregnancy

Red and blue lights are flashing and the noise of the ambulance impels everyone to a point where they have to look outside and observe the situation, as if a mystical force was compelling them. From what they can see, the paramedic is holding a tiny hand telling her to hold on. As the stretcher rolls by, the onlookers notice a huge lump, or ball as a few may say, under the pallid cotton covers. What they also take note of is that the pregnant woman is not a woman at all, but in fact a teenager. As some are astounded that a child is being born from a child, others possibly will look at it as a “blessing in disguise.” The issue of teenage pregnancy is affecting our society in innumerable ways and has become one of our top social issues of all time. “The latest estimates show that approximately 1 million teens become pregnant every year” (East, Felice, and Associates 1). With this high number of teenage pregnancy, it is no wonder that many authors try to exemplify this common subject matter. Katrina L. Burchett, author of Choices, accurately and effectively depicts teenage pregnancy among female adolescents living with domestic issues.
As the years progress, the influence of sex has taken a more profound effect on teenagers. Nowadays, it seems that sex is everywhere. The television shows, the Internet, magazines and even the movies almost always have a “sex scene” in them or portray sex in some sort of way. Because the industry is realizing that teens are having sex, (unprotected sex at that) they are now producing a number of commercials where they are reaching out to adolescents asking them to be more careful or as one commercial puts it “to be above the influence.”

“Although teenagers believe that 16 is too young to have sex, one in four have had intercourse by that age” (Manlove, Terry-Humen, and Ikramullah 197). Many factors contribute to this statistic among 16 year-olds. One would be peer pressure. With the growing number of teens having sex, adolescents feel like they should “fit-in” rather than being the one that “stands-out.” What is amazing to some is that this “peer pressure” to have sex is much like the one to smoke/do drugs. Many adolescents would even go as far as to bully someone who has not had sexual intercourse with their partner. Bridgette Anderson, a character in Burchett’s book Choices, who is really committed into being abstinent, says that she was bullied because she had no interest in premarital sex the way her peers were (Burchett 143). For some, who were in Bridgette’s case, may actually go out and have sex to just prove his/her peers wrong. That one time can cause the life of her/him or even the creation of a...

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