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The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Review of Literature
Adolescent pregnancy has been and will continue to be an issue. Teenagers who engage in premarital sex tend to do it irresponsibly and unprotected. This puts them in danger of sexually transmitted diseases and at risk for becoming pregnant. Many times adolescents don't realize the grave responsibilities that come with becoming a teenage parent. A variety of educational programs that educate adolescents on pregnancy prevention have been developed to allow students the opportunity to experience those responsibilities and burden that caring for an infant entails. The Baby Think It Over infant simulator is a realistic approach to early motherhood by providing students an interactive experience. This simulator is designed to show adolescents the impact an infant has on their emotional, personal, and academic lives. Previous research has portrayed various results in the BTIOs use and its effectiveness in changing teenager’s views and perceptions of early pregnancy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Baby Think it Over infant simulator and its involvement in the adolescents’ plans to delay pregnancy. Does adolescent participation in the “Baby Think It Over” program postpone adolescents’ plans for early pregnancy?
In Barnett and Hurst (2004) study females in both 8th and 10th grades were found to have average scores than males and over 8th graders scored higher than 10th grade students. Males were more likely to let their infant cry and there was a larger variation in response times than with females. Males were also more likely to handle the infant simulators roughly. 10th graders showed more variability in their care than 8th graders as well as 8th graders were more likely to handle their simulators roughly. This study also concluded that females responded better to the simulator and had a greater impact on the 8th grade students.
Didion and Gatzke (2004) reported that males were found to report that caring for a child required less hours in the day as compared to female students. These males also reported that that having a child would improve family relationships as compared to females.
Findings in Divine and Cobbs (2001) study reported that the BTIO infant simulator had the most significant impact on female students. 236 8th grade students 90 being make and 146 being female in 9 schools in the Midwest were used. 95% of the students were middle class and white. Students were required to take the simulator home for 8 days and worked on their student response sheets. When students were completed they wrote summary articles where they discussed what they learned about their experience. Results were scored on a Linkert-type format ranging from strongly agree top strongly disagree and the chi-square test indicated a significant gender difference. The results pointed to females being in higher agreement than males. The study also concluded that females saw the program more effective in...

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