The Problem With Ticketmaster: Solutions To Music Industry Corruption

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The Problem with Ticketmaster: Solutions to Music Industry Corruption

         I consider myself to be a fan of all types of music and I like to stay involved with the music world. Music is such an integral part of society in so many different aspects. Music defines time periods, brings back childhood memories, educates, relaxes as well as inspires. Stop and think for a moment if the music stopped, what would the world be like? A sudden silence overcoming the world. More realistically, stop for a moment and think what it would be like if you could not see your favorite band in concert.

         This is a scenario that is becoming more apparent. In upcoming news the rock and roll band U2 has launched a world wide tour and they plan to come here to Tempe to play Sun Devil Stadium in the beginning weeks of May 97. The political group Rage Against The Machine will also be opening for U2. I am a fan of both of these bands so I looked into getting tickets for the show. I have found some shocking results as far as tickets go as well as tickets for other bands. For the U2 shows it can cost up to $61.60 for ONE ticket. “Thanks in part to eye-popping Ticketmaster telephone service fees of $8.35 per ticket, a set of tickets for U2’s May 31 show at New Jersey’s Giant’s Stadium cost a fan $246.40 for four tickets”(Boehlert 25). As a freshman in college on a tight budget it is extremely difficult for myself to pay that much money for one ticket with a $8.35 surcharge. I am sure that many people can empathize with not wanting to see some of your favorite music at such a high price. Why must the surcharges be so high?

         This is just one example of the manipulative business manner in which Ticketmaster operates. Ticketmaster is a ticket agency that distributes tickets for concert, sporting, as well as theatre events , to name a few. Ticketmaster now controls almost 90 percent of the American ticket market. Ticket master has grown so large and powerful they have been randomly increasing surcharges on their tickets as well as monopolizing the rest of the market making it virtually impossible for smaller industry’s to survive. I propose that action should be taken. Ticketmaster as well as other agencies should be federally investigated regularly and their should be some standard for their surcharges. Ticketmaster also should not be able to monopolize the rest of industry. It seems as if until recently no public actions have been taken to expose and investigate Ticketmaster’s practices. Much of what Ticketmaster has been doing has gone unexposed and more importantly unchallenged. In 1994 the rock group Pearl Jam had enough and they did something about. They took Ticketmaster before the House of Representatives to be investigated on behalf on random surcharges and also monopolizing other businesses. The band was trying to lower the cost of their concert tickets and they noticed the random surcharges that Ticketmaster would apply. As Pearl Jam’s...

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