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The Issues Of Abortion Essay

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The Issues of Abortion

Let me take you to a typical hospital in Britain and we can look
around. Here's a room. Can't you just sense the happiness as you
approach? If you glance through the doorway and look to your right
you'll see the Gibson family. Look, there's Lucy running around and
dancing ecstatically, but can you blame her? She's just become a big
sister! And look at Rachel to your left, yawning as her mother strokes
her grandsons' little fingers. It's no wonder she's exhausted after
nursing her new twins all night! Down the stairs and into the next
room where a couple holding hands, gaze tearfully, in a dream-like
state, at the monitor where an ultra-sound image of their baby is
displayed. It is true that the miracle of life does make you quite
tearful at times.

Yet there's a different room nearby, at the end of the hall. It's
funny as you walk down this corridor, the hustle and bustle suddenly
desists, and there are no doctors or nurses walking around. It's as if
this area is somehow disconnected from the joy and delight radiating
from the maternity wards. You'd be forgiven if you mistook this room
as a morgue, but a morgue it is not. I can hear something, a muffled
noise and a doctor's calming reassurance. Why is there sobbing? These
tears are definitely not tears of joy. Here comes someone now, I
recognise her but from where? I remember; she was the woman from the
chemist, the one in the queue just in front of me, who bought the
pregnancy test. She's in such a hurry to get out. I wonder what she's
so uncomfortable about. What's this? Ah, here's a sign on the door.
'Termination Room 2A'.

Abortion, or the termination of pregnancy before birth resulting in
the death of the foetus, can occur spontaneously, known as a
miscarriage, or can be induced. The topic of induced abortion has
become one of the most intense and polarizing ethical and
philosophical issues of recent times. The combination of religious,
medical, political and social ambiguities has led to considerable
animosity surrounding the abortion debate, resulting in vicious
battles and confrontations, both in court and in clinics where
abortions are performed. Any issue that can provoke such anger and
hostility is sure to have strong support on either side of the
argument and abortion is no exception. On one side are pro-choice
supporters, who favour a woman's reproductive rights. On the other
side are the pro-life advocates, who, like me, oppose abortion except
in extreme circumstances, as when the mother's life would be
threatened by carrying a pregnancy to term. As a Christian, indeed as
a human being, I can't sit back and allow unborn babies to be killed
just because their existence is inconvenient. Yet that is the reality
in the world today.

The concept of abortion is far from a recent one. The...

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