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Africa continent is the most undeveloped continent in the world in terms of using economic resources, government structure and education. Education is the most serious part of social, because have a good education will help country develop in the future. But if one country that do not have strong education so that country will not have professors and techniques workers to help country develop. Generally, Africa has nearly 128 million school-aged children, and 17 million of them never attend to go to school, and 70 million children never went to school.
There are several disadvantages of Africa education. Many countries in Africa are in the civil war or have oppositions to do some threating things, so their government needs to pay all of their attention on how to win the civil war and how to deal with the opposite faction, so they do not have any attention or economic ability to build up the education. And the second one is they do not have strong economic. Some countries in Africa are very poor, they even do not have any money to build the infrastructures. That is why they do not have only little free education for citizens. Third, citizens in these countries are also very poor, because of hardly have free education, so most of the schools are profit schools, but people do not have any money to pay for the fee, so few children go to school. The last but not least, many Africa countries do not have enough amounts of teachers and they do not have ability to educate a teacher. So even if some children go to school, they will not get quality education.
The country have military ability to make sure that their land are not attacked by the invaders is the most important for the country; Second is have a strong economic that can support the country running normally; Third is social welfare. The most important part of social welfare is Education: government pays for the education. But if one country even is in civil war, the country must have no financial supporting, and no education. This is the exact situation that most of the countries in Africa have. For example, Somalia, is in the civil war now, and has trouble with pirates. And the army cannot beat oppositions, government also corruption, no one care about the economic and would pay any attention on education. As for some countries that do not have civil war, the reason for children not go to school is they do not have a strong economic to build a good education system (whether about building school or free education for citizens). On the contrary, only few of children will go to school when they in the school-aged, because they cannot pay for the fees and there are not enough teachers in Africa (means only can learn little from school). So many parents prefer children go and do some trading than go to school...

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