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The Issues Of Gay And Same Sex Marriage

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According to the OED online, "Bigot" is defined as a noun that refers to one who is a superstitious adherent of a religion or to any religious hypocrite. The origin of "Bigot" is unknown, but its first usage as a noun is traced back to fourth century, when it was a common name among Germanic people (Browman). At present, "begot" evolved as a belittling term used commonly by majority of Americans to indicate one who is narrow-minded person or one who is intolerant to the opinions or beliefs of others'. The definition of the word "bigot", has been altered throughout the history. A word that started as a name of common name in Germanic society ended up referring to people who are superior and ...view middle of the document...

In Both sides, the ones supporting the same sex marriages and the ones opposing it, have their own views and opinions towards the subject of matter. In an interview with Gallagher, an American socially conservative commentator, regarding the same sex marriage, Gallagher states, "Same sex marriage is founded in a lie about human nature:' there is no difference between same sex and opposite sex unions and you are a bigot if you disagree (Corvino 7).'" Gallagher uses the word “bigot” to describe her counterparts with conflicting opinions right away without any clarification of acts of intolerance by the opposing sides. The appropriate and truthful use of word “bigot” is fading is our senses. The words from conflicting group always seems to be an idea that is intolerant towards own. It is not tolerable for one to be questioned by ideas and opinions that pressures or dominates one's own conviction. This leads to use of belittling terms in arguments as a result of anger and frustration and "bigot" to be used as a perfect match for such act even though it shall be misused.
It does not quite seem to be clear which groups of people are really a "bigot". Due to the misuse of the word, it becomes a matter of perspective of anyone to see a "bigot" on others. John Corvino, an American gay moralist, explains the situation of ambiguity of word "bigot" to be a conversation stopper as he wrote in one of his article," Marriage-equality opponents are increasingly complaining that they're being called bigots. This leads to a kind of double-counting of the arguments: For any argument X that supporters offer, opponents complain both that the other side is saying X and that anyone who disagrees with X is a bigot. Then, instead of responding to X—that is, debating the issue on its merits—they focus on the alleged bigotry charge and grumble about being called names" (Corvino 7). Corvino sets up a perfect scenario that explains the misuse of "bigot" as a result of loss of toleration towards opposing argument and not being used towards someone who is only superior to his/her ideas. The meaning that bigot expresses is preserved but in a inappropriate way such that the one being alleged of bigotry is discouraged for further argument towards the topic and rather urge to begin a new topic that shall purify own self from the blame....

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