The Problems With American Schools' Grading System

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Steven Spielberg has directed many movies like Jaws, E.T., and Saving Private Ryan. He applied for college three times but was unable to become accepted due to his low GPA (Where the Rich and Famous…). In order to be accepted into college, students are required to have certain scores on standardized tests, high GPA’s from high school, and money. Colleges use these numbers to predict how well a student is potentially going to do. They judge grades and connect to future success. Howard Gardner and Benjamin Bloom have developed The Learning Pyramid and believe there are seven types of intelligences. One type of intelligence is logical-mathematical, and another is linguistic. Logic deals with problem solving and mathematics, while linguistic deals with writing (Learning Pyramid). These are the only two intelligences being tested out of seven by GPA’s and Standardized tests. The grading system for United States middle schools and high schools does not provide an accurate assessment of achievement and has been a deterrent.
Teachers become a deterrent by grading students using bias judgments. Teachers must be held responsible to focus on equality of all students otherwise they risk corruption. Their judgments cause incorrect assessments of students. This degrades the grading system. Teachers subconsciously grade on attitude. According to Peg Tyre’s, A’s for Good Behavior, a newspaper article, she says, “About 10 percent of the students who earned A’s and B’s in school stumbled during end-of-the-year exams. By contrast, about 10 percent of students who scraped along with C’s, D’s and even F’s — students who turned in homework late, never raised their hands and generally seemed turned off by school — did better than their eager-to-please B+ classmates.” Students who behave better and have better attitudes receive better grades. As of the opposite of the students who misbehave. This is unethical and causes the grading system to lack accuracy. Some teachers “take off points” when students are misbehaving. This point system creates a method of evaluating students on behavior rather than knowledge and assessment. I also feel teachers give grades based on their own emotions. Back in middle school, I was considered to be the teacher’s pet. I received an A+ based on being nice. I simply was kind and respectful to my teachers and provided a helping hand when they struggled. I would go in, skipping my recess, to help with a bulletin board or rearrange the room. My parents also knew my teachers very well. I didn’t have to work very hard for that class. I was able to sit back like everyone else and receive a grade instead of earning one. Since I sat back and slacked off, I struggled on tests and quizzes. At the end of the year the low test scores didn’t correlate to my overall grade. Receiving that A+ was based on my actions of being nice which caused an unequal circumstance in the grading system. I learned that being nice will...

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