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The “It’s Not You, It’s Me” Culture

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Everyday, we fulfill tasks and the more tasks we have to accomplish, the more serious we tend to be to achieve as many as we can. Although we set our goals as proper as we can, we are not robots that work with no emotions. We are human beings that consist of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects. From time to time we need a break from reality to fulfill not only our tasks, but also our wants and needs to survive. For me, humor is one of the “breaks” we commonly take in our day-to-day life. It makes us smile and laugh a little—or a lot—and helps our dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with rewards and pleasure) work and flow around our body. But I am a little bothered that jokes are misused nowadays. I have noticed that the jokes are often used to point out flaws of other people to be able to hide their own flaws. Instead of seeing jokes/humor as a positive thing, I sometimes conclude that humor uses a defense mechanism. The irony of ...view middle of the document...

Andrew Stott, an English professor, even believes that “The reason humor is so popular today is that it provides the comfort of intimacy without the horror of actually being intimate.” Ironically, the humor in the jokes is long gone, leaving all these imitators who use it with another purpose.
I believe it is always important to stay true to ourselves, despite the fact that we live in a culture skeptical of intellectualism. An important component of personal identity is the way we speak—our language, accent, and dialect. An essay by Carl Elliott titled “The Perfect Voice” explains how this is true. He brings up a question about "How exactly is a voice related to an identity?" He explains it through the factor of a person’s accent. Usually, people still carry at least some trace of our accent and dialect origins with them for the rest of their lives even if they move around the globe. Going further through his article, he states that the problem about having an accent for many people is much deeper than just a worry about a jarring sound coming from their mouths. Elliot argues, "southerners, of course, usually understand the connection between accent and identity," like anyone "from the United Kingdom, where accent is a very public market of social class.” Southerners do not really want to get rid of their accents when they attend speech pathology therapies; rather, they intend to enhance it to a better one to adapt in the society they move around with. Getting rid of their accents would somehow mean getting rid of their personal identity too.
Self and self-presentation differ from sitting alone in a room to getting up on a stage to give a speech or entertain people. That is why at the end of the day, we should scrutinize ourselves—being alive in a skeptical culture: “Is the perfect voice really that perfect, or is it just another way of channeling ourselves on how to present our identity?” Furthermore, identification has more aspects that basically how we talk/speak. “The voice is a good place to start thinking about identity, because many of us don’t think about our voices until we are made conscious of them” but it does not stop there.

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