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The Jade Peony Essay

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The Importance Of Filial Piety Han Y.When people are asked who gave the most favors to them, it must be their parents; without the parents, they could not be fed when they were young and also they would not be able to even exist now. However, in now days, the older the parents get, the more negligent the children get. As a result, those being treated negligently parents are sometimes isolated from their children and even from society. Moreover, there must be no children who want their parents to be treated carelessly in the world; the children say that they do not have time for caring and do not even like to live with their parents. Thus, what the children in now days really need is realizing the importance of having filial piety for their parents.In the story "The Jade Peony", the author, Wayson Choy makes us realize importance of having filial duties by telling the story of one Chinese - Canadian family with three children in Vancouver "" especially about the youngest child, Sek-Lung and his Grandma. One day, the grandmother told him about the juggler whom she loved in the past and he said that he would come back "" he never did so she was still waiting for him; grandma also showed a broken piece of the pink jade peony which was hung on her wind chime. Incongruously, making wind chimes, Sek-Lung and his grandma started to do the odd things such as getting stuff from garbage cans in the town and a burnt church for grandma's last wind chime; those weird behaviors made dissension and some shame to the rest of her family and even made them feel inconvenient about the grandma. Then, several months before her death, she told him that when the last wind chime (preparation for the death) made any sound, the sound would be the sign of her death and she would be with him forever after the death. One day, the grandma suddenly saw one white cat with translucent pink eyes - same as her juggler had those colors - and thought that he had come back as the cat. After she caught a cold, she lastly died in the hospital from pneumonia - giving the jade peony to the grandson, Sek-Lung; parents felt sorry about their disobedience to their mother.After reading the story, can we say that Sek-Lung's parents and family had enough filial piety toward their grandma? When the grandma did strange things such as picking up garbage and bringing those kinds of dirty things to the house, what did they feel about her? - They felt inconvenient about her existence in the family. Also, as we can see from the fact that the parents regretted...

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