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The Jerry Sandusky Trial Essay

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The number of sexually abused children is five times what it was in 2012. Jerry Sandusky has contributed to this statistic. Jerry Sandusky was the head coach of the Pennsylvania State Football team (Penn. State). He has a wife and a few children, some adopted from his charity organization, the second mile, but this did not stop him from committing the crimes he did. Jerry Sandusky was convicted of raping ten innocent children, some of which he met through his charity. This earned him thirty-sixty years behind bars. There are issues from this case that are similar to some issues in the play, Twelve Angry Men. Ultimately, throughout both cases the jury was faced with difficult decisions. In both cases the verdict took a long time and a lot of thinking. But, in the end both came out with the right resolution. Sandusky’s reputation of being the guy everyone looked up to made the overall decision of the jury, in this case, inordinately difficult.
Jerry Sandusky seemed like a nice guy until they found out he was convicted of sexually assaulting ten innocent children. His illness even progressed enough to rape his own adopted children. He is a monster. “Attorney Andrew Shubin issued a statement saying that Matt Sandusky sought him during the trial and ‘confirmed’ that he also had been abused” (Johnson 2). This statement shows that he would go to extreme measures to satisfy his sickness, even as far as sexually abusing his own child. Assistant coach Mike McQueary stated, “He told Paterno that he saw Sandusky in the shower with a young boy and heard a sickening slapping sound” (Scherer 1). Even though there was evidence against him, his overall character persuaded people, including the jury, to think better of him. This goes to show that Sandusky isn’t the person everyone expected him to be.
In the case regarding Sandusky, a jury of twelve decided his fate. An article about the case suggested, “In a sexual assault case some prosecutors prefer men on the jury rather than women,. Women don't like to think that they could have been the victim, so they separate themselves from the crime, more likely to judge the defendant as somehow responsible”(Kathryn, Asghar 1). The jury of the Sandusky case was made of seven women and only five men, so it is possible that some of the women may have been prejudice. Nevertheless it was still a tiring task to come upon a decision, “The jury deliberated for more than seven hours into the night before stopping for the night”(Scherer 1). This shows that they really thought about the possibilities of what could have happened. Finally after seven hours they were sure that they could positively say that he was guilty without any doubt. Both of these reasons really show that the jury put a lot of thought into this case and one could be led to believe that they made the correct choice after seven hours of debating.
Jerry Sandusky was convicted on the night of June 22, 2012 for sexually abusing ten children with a...

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