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On December 1, 1932, Gershon Agron started the Palestine Post, a newspaper that openly supported Jewish citizens in Palestine and critically opposed the British policy that restricted Jewish immigration during the Mandate period. Following a bombing of the Post’s building in 1948, believed to have been done by two British army deserters, the Post was reduced to a two-page paper. In 1950, two years after Israel declared statehood, the paper officially became the Jerusalem Post. Today, the Jerusalem Post is a daily newspaper that is printed on all days except for Saturdays and Jewish holidays. It is Israeli owned, with its headquarters in Jerusalem, and it is written in English while also being available in French.
The Jerusalem Post was a supporter of the Labor Party in Israel until it was bought by Hollinger Inc. in 1989. At the time Hollinger Inc. was controlled by Conrad Black and was the world’s third largest English language newspaper empire. With this change in power the Post’s political views changed and so did its audience and staff. With Black at the helm the Post went from a left-wing newspaper to a right-wing newspaper. Many of the staff members quit, and half of the Post’s circulation was gone. The Jerusalem Post underwent another power shift in 2004, when it was sold to Mirkali Tikshoret Ltd. Mirkali Tikshoret is a Tel Aviv based Israeli newspaper publisher and the current owner of the Jerusalem Post.
When Israel declared statehood on May 14, 1948, the United States were the first country to recognize Israel. President Truman issued a statement of recognition that very same day. The US played an important role in Israel’s founding and since then we have been committed to its security. A major focus of this security has been Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli peace. Within the United Nations two Security Council Resolutions have been put in place to help gain and maintain Israeli peace, with the promise that is Israel took these risks, the U.S. would assist in minimizing them. Security Council Resolution 242 was adopted in the wake of the 6 Day War and it called for “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict. ” Security Council Resolution 338 simply called for a ceasefire in the Yom Kippur War. Both of these Resolutions were a basis for later negotiations between Arab-Israeli parties and their end goals are “peaceful and accepted settlement. ”
Between the U.S. and Israel their bilateral relations cover many areas. We have numerous programs put in place with Israel including the U.S.-Israeli Education Foundation which sponsors educational and cultural programs. There is also a Counterterrorism Group which enhances cooperation in fighting terrorism. The U.S. has had a free trade agreement with Israel since 1985. This agreement decreases barriers and promotes regulatory transparency. Our successful trade with Israel includes exports of diamonds, machinery, aircraft, agricultural products,...

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