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The Job Design Of A Restaurant Owner

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‘King puts his people as his priority, people put food as their priority’, by the 2000 year old ancient Chinese text. Food is essential, one of the most important elements for survival. Thus serving good food is more than a luxury. Food is part of life. Restaurant owners are clearly own a prestigious status in the society.
The aims of this assessment is to analysis the job design of a restaurant owner and examine the advantages and drawbacks supported by academic studies relating to job design theory, job characteristic model and other occupational psychology theories.

Why Restaurant Owner is a perfect job for Michelle?
Everyone has a dream to live for and a goal to achieve. Michelle has a dream too, a dream to become a successful restaurant owner. A dream would make one’s life more meaningful. Throughout the history, it is evident that dream is the one of the essential keys to succeed. For instance, the famous ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King Junior has proof that one person’s dream could change the world, where ‘black kids and white kids can hold hands’. Not only business enterprises need a dream or goal to help them to succeed, political or even personal dream is a stepping stone to strive.
Michelle has a ‘Type A’ personality. ‘Type A’ personality is defined as competitive, ambitious and always wanting to help the others (McLeod, 2011). However, having a dream alone is not sufficient, action must be taken. Thus, dreamers need to start up their business in any industry to fulfil their dream. As a restaurant owner, she will have an opportunity to follow her dream and passion.
On the other hand, unlike office workers, a restaurant owner gets to choose the right people she wants to work with. This suits Michelle’s competitive nature as she has more autonomy over her business as a restaurant owner. It is better off to have employees who have the same value and vision as the employer because less workplace conflicts will occur. Business owner can create its own culture within its company and bring a healthy working environment.
The strong willing power of Michelle is evident when she says ‘when I want something, I will make it happen despite of failures and obstacles’. This proves that she is a suitable candidate to become a successful restaurant owner. In most of the psychology studies, it asserts that money remains the most significant motivational strategy for any occupations (Akintoye, 2000). However, for entrepreneurs, they get motivation from day to day challenges. They have to respond to inconstant situations from all the time. Mastery challenges are said to promote intrinsic motivation of nurturing perceptions of obstacle (Elliot & Harackiewicz, 1996). Normally for a small business like restaurant, owner can rarely experience the same challenges every day. Therefore, people who can overcome obstacles are more likely to gain intrinsic motivation.

Suitability of Michelle as a restaurant owner from Job...

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