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The John Newberry Medal: Frederic G. Melcher

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In July of 1987 Frederic G. Melcher would propose an idea to a section of the American Library Association known at that time as the Children’s Librarians Section. The result would be the first children’s book award in the world known as the John Newberry Medal (Newberry Award Manuel). The Newberry Medal was first awarded in 1922 to an author of children’s literature. In 1937 Frederic G. Melcher would suggest that they Illustrators of children’s book should also be recognized. In 1938 the first Randolph Caldecott Medal was awarded to an illustrator of children’s literature (Caldecott Medal Manuel). The process of how to award the winners has evolved over the years. Both medals were awarded by the same committee until 1980 when a separate committee awarded each medal. Today both committees consist of 15 members of the Association for Library Service to Children. The committees consist of eight elected members, six appointed members and one appointed chairperson (Caldecott Medal Manuel). The basic criteria for consideration of both the Newberry and Caldecott Medals are the same. The committees are only to consider notable and original works. The works must be in the English language fist published in the United States by an American publisher. The author or illustrator must a United States citizen or resident (Caldecott Medal Manual). Each committee will award annually one winner and may give out honors to a few other notable works. Winners will be awarded a [physical medal and a gold seal will be placed on copies of the books. Honor recipients receive certificates and silver seals are placed on the copies of the books (Caldecott Medal Manuel).
The Newbery Medal was named in honor of John Newbery a man known as the “Father of children’s literature”. John Newberry was an English publisher in the 1700’s that developed the importance and market for children’s literature (Newberry Medal Manuel). The Newbery Medal; was designed by sculptor Rene’ Chambellan. It depicts an author reading a book to a boy and girl. An inscription of both the Children’s and School Librarian’s Section of the American Library Association is on the medal (Newberry Medal Manual). Since the creation of the Newbery Medan six authors have been awarded the Newbery Medal twice. The most recent two time winner is Katie DiCamillo in 2014 with her book Flora & Ulysses, The illuminated Adventures. Two authors have made the Newberry Medal or Honors award on five different occasions. Meindert DeJong was awarded The Newberry Medal once and received Newbery Honors of four separate occasions. Laura Ingalls Wilder never won the award but received Newbery Honors five times. Over forty different authors have been awarded with both a Newberry Medal and Newbery Honors for different books (Newberry Books 1922-Present). Below is a list of the Newbery Medal award recipients since 2004 (Newberry Books 1922-Present).
2014: Flora & Ulysses, The illuminated Adventures by Kate...

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