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The Joint Commission: National Patient Safety Goals For Medicare Based Long Term Care

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The Joint Commission: National Patient Safety Goals for Medicare Based Long Term Care
The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the Healthcare system. They do this by regulating and evaluating health care organizations, helping them improve and give a more effective and safe care (The Joint Commission, 2012). The National Patient safety goals are ways in which the joint commission strives to improve the way health care is provided (The Joint Commission, 2012). Effective on January 1, 2012, the Joint commission came up with new ways to improve the Care of Medicare Based Long term Care facilities and provided Safety regulations to be followed. In order to better understand the impact that this regulations have in the healthcare, it is necessary to identify and describe the purpose of each regulation, and emphasize on the impact that falls in particular, can have among the geriatric patients.
Safety Goals and Purpose

• Identifying patients correctly when providing Care: Nurses are supposed to have two resident Identifiers when trying to care for a patient for the first time and after that, one identifier is acceptable. Identifiers such as Room number or location are not acceptable. To ensure this is carried out correctly nurses must ask for two identifiers in situations such as specimen collection, when providing treatments or when collecting blood for clinical testing (containers must be labeled in front of the patient). The Purpose of this guideline is to ensure that the patients are been properly identified and that they are receiving the right treatments and medications (The Joint Commission, 2012).
• Using Medications Safely
Reduce Harms associated with Anticoagulant Therapy: This goal educates patients and nurses on how to properly provide safe anticoagulant therapy. To ensure this goal, nurses and facilities must try to use prefilled syringes and oral unit dose products, when available, and use only approved protocols for administering this therapy. Nurses must assess the coagulation status and document it accurately and teach patients about the risks and safety measures that must take place. The purpose of this Goal is to ensure that patients under an anticoagulant therapy are monitored closely, in order to ensure patient safety and recovery (The Joint Commission, 2012).
Ensure accurate maintenance and communication of medications: Making sure that there is appropriate and accurate documentation about the medicines that the patients were taking, and comparing them with the new medications. Also giving the patients the information needed to safely take their medications when they go home. The purpose of this goal is to ensure a better outcome for the patients’ health, and reduce errors when providing medications (The Joint Commission, 2012).
• Prevent Infection:
Follow Hand Hygiene measures set by the CDC and WHO: Using the CDC and WHO guidelines to improve proper hand hygiene. This will reduce...

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