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The Jordan Davis Essay

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In the past few years, race and ethnicity has affected the way humans interact and react with each other. Sometimes it becomes the leading barrier that causes individuals of different ethnic backgrounds and races to lack unity with different ethnic groups, communication skills and respect for each another. In the case of Jordan Davis, the lack of communication between races was a major barrier that caused a normal evening to end in such a tragic manner. If both individuals were to handle the issue with better respect and better communication skills, Davis would still be alive, and Dunn would be a free man. Sometimes as individuals we tend to forget that we can sometimes be too judgmental ...view middle of the document...

The boys were “blasting” loud music with the windows down when Dunn pulled next to the SUV with his fiancée at the gas station. Many reports state that an altercation occurred between Davis and Dunn, when Dunn asked the occupants in the SUV to turn the volume of the music down. Many vulgar verbal comments were conversed between both parties for minutes, before Dunn fired shots into the SUV. With conversing of vulgar slurs being yelled between Dunn and Davis’ vehicle, Dunn told investigators he saw one of the teenage boys flash a weapon, which to him appeared to be a shot gun (Jonsson 2). To Dunn that triggered a since of fear and danger, and he claimed to take precaution to protect himself in self-defense. Dunn fired “three volleys of shots—ten bullets total—at the SUV over music he didn’t like” (Botelho, Almasy and Hostin 3), which of those bullets that entered into the vehicle, and killed Jordan Davis. After releasing rapid shots, Dunn left the scene with his fiancée and returned to their hotel as if nothing ever happened (Botelho, Almasy and Hostin 3). Dunn never contacted the police with information about what happened that night until officers came to his...

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