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The Journal Of The Sessions: Essay

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Visit to the Floor of the House: 4:45 PM Representative Frank Wolf from Virginia, went to visit the Aucca Indians in Ecuador. The group that killed five missionaries including the famous pilot Nate Saint. He is married with five children. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1980. He graduated from Georgetown Law School. He has had a lifetime stutter, but has seen it as a profitable impairment throughout his life. He spoke highly of Ex-Representative Dan Coates who visited the Berlin Wall in the 1960's before it was destroyed. He spoke of the Declaration of Independence and the heavy price paid by everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence. He mentioned William Wilburforce, who desired to abolish slavery. Representative Wolf said, "Extend yourself, Go the Distance, Make a Difference." He added, "Have a passion for ideas." He exhorted that we should start a group at our college to pray and fast for the persecutions of Christians worldwide. In closing he said, "God has blessed our nation for being fundamentally faithful." He then proceeded to quote the Gospel of Luke, where it says, "To whom much is given, much is required," In Conclusion, it was great to see and hear a person who has a similar faith as mine, operating in government and making a difference not just in his actions, but in his prayers. Before this session I didn't see how the two could possibly interface. Next, to our surprise, the New Speaker of the House, Denny Haster, came in to speak to us. He was a 1964 Graduate of Wheaton, and was a teacher and coach for 5 years. After being elected to congress in 1986, he graduated to chief deputy whip in 1994. In 1998, he was instrumental in the development of the Contract with America. He told us his job (as the new speaker) is going to be huge, but he realizes the root of the much of the problem. He said, "Bitterness over the impeachment has divided the house." He made it clear that he has to first try to amend and heal the hearts of congress and not add to the hurt. Until the house is unified it will do nothing. I learned that government is often about compromising things to accomplish the greater goals, without violating your own personal testimony or ideals. The speaker adequately displayed his wisdom, and I trust that he will be able to do his job well. In closing he said, "So many people depend on what you do!" His attempt was to encourage us to get involved. An important thing for all of us.Monday Night Dinner: 7:00PM The first dinner session seemed like a recruiting mission for the School of Government of Regent University. With the exception of the Book which Mrs. Kay James wrote, she seems to lack anything other than recruiting skills. She seemed to be making an appeal to a gallery which didn't exist, or wasn't cheering. The only really good thing I found in what she said dealt with her being black and a conservative, and the struggle she has endured because of it. I think that...

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