The Journals Of Lewis And Clark

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark are actual accounts taken from the text of their original journals. The accounts begin at the River Dubois near the mouth of the Missouri and end in St. Louis. They traveled to the Pacific Ocean and back. I found that even in the condensed form this is a very thorough account of their journey. Their observations of plants and or animals seen are so descriptive and detailed it is as if I were there. Measurements of distance and location were also as carefully documented. It is amazing to me what these men as well as the woman and child endured. Their journey was filled with adversity , yet, by their accounts they forged on, mostly in good spirit. I would like to know what kind of person it would take to be that dedicated to endure these challenges. Some of the extremes were heat and freezing temperatures with inadequate clothing. The moccasins they wore did not keep the prickly pears from poking through to their feet. They were at times near starvation, settling to eat roots, berries as well as dogs. Which in fact they did grow to like. They slept with fleas in their bedding and clothe and they were plagued with boils and abscesses. A small example of how stoic and strong was in one entry Clark had become very ill and only did twelve miles on that day. There are other examples that display the bravado of character. There are several entries where the men had fallen off of ledges or banks or their canoes overturned into the rivers. Close calls with several wild creatures such as bears and snakes. Through this all they endured. I also found humor, mostly in the writings of Lewis. He tells of an adventure that almost cost him his life. He shot a buffalo and was gazing at it bleeding and dying. Before reloading his gun he found himself being chased by a bear and ended up in the river and pulling out his espontoon before the bear retreated. That was not the end of the story. Shortly after he encounters what he thinks is a wolf or a cat. He shoots at or towards this animal and it scurried into its den or hole. He goes to investigate it further and finds that he about to be trampled by three buffalo! The other account might possibly not have been humorous to Lewis but I found it so. He states that when he was offered to ride with one of the Indians on the back of a horse he found it more tiresome to ride without stirrups than to walk. The most curious aspect of the travels of Lewis and Clark to me appeared to be their relationship with the various tribes of Indians. Their first meeting documented in the book on August 2, l804 is with representatives of the Otos and Missouri Nations. Lewis and Clark gave them gifts of medals, flags, powder, whiskey and some clothes. They gave them a speech or"Diplomatic Communication," as they called it. They let the Indians know they had fathers whom they could depend on.The Indians were happy to know this and agreed to pursue the advice given to them.On August 29,...

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The Expedition of Lewis & Clark

1125 words - 5 pages disorders; one was bitten by a poisonous snake and others collapsed from sunstroke. Despite such hardships, however, the men were excited by their journey, as reflected by the journals of nine different men.While Clark had become quite the navigator, it was Lewis who became particularly active in locating and identifying new plants and animals. Lewis loved being alone on the prairie. He became a great walker, outdistancing the scouts and hunters

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2336 words - 9 pages wrote on their journals, "Without the assistance of our guides, I doubt much whether we who had once passed [the mountains] could find our way" (Sadosky 54).In addition, the Hidatsa also gave significant help to Clark and Lewis in their expedition. This is through selling food to the captains and expeditions crew. However, they went further to play a greater role of giving information and advice to Clark and Lewis on the mission they awaited

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1183 words - 5 pages , Lewis filled hundreds of journals with detailed explanations of newly discovered animals plants and minerals. The great Lewis and Clark expedition has been described as, "The greatest camping trip of all time”, a voyage of high adventure, and an exercise in manifest destiny, which carried the American flag overland to the Pacific. Their incredible journey opened up a path for fur traders and trappers, mountain men, explorers, mountaineers and

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884 words - 4 pages The book, which I read, is titled Lewis and Clark. It describes the journeys and expeditions of Meriweather Lewis and William Clark, two explorers. They were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly purchased western territory of the United States. The book describes all the places visited in their transcontinental exploration. The author of this book, Robert G. Ferris is showing how much of an impact Lewis

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715 words - 3 pages ½ years, and really took 2 ⅓ years to be completed. 1,868,000 square miles were purchased at 0.03 cents per acre, making it the largest and cheapest land buy in American history. It over doubled the size of the United States. Overall, it was a huge expedition, with each member getting lots of land. In conclusion, the Lewis and Clark expedition is a very important part of American history, that discovered hundreds of types of plants and animals

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1741 words - 7 pages November 7, 1805. They had reached the Pacific Ocean! The men camped during the winter of 1805 near the mouth of the Columbia River. The sheer joy that Lewis and Clark were filled with was expressed in their journals. The entire expedition team felt thrilled at the sight of the Ocean. Finally, as the magnificent feeling of joy subsided, the team started to build a fort near the mouth of the Columbia River, where they would be spending the winter

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1168 words - 5 pages Indians agreed to trade for horses and help them traverse the great Rocky Mountains, since they were familiar with the terrain. Along the way, they continued to trade what few goods they still had with the Indians and establish diplomatic relations. Lewis and Clark carried journals with them. They would record their contact with the Indians and all their other discoveries. They also documented, or drew, the creatures of the western world that were

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1626 words - 7 pages there wasn't an all water passage to the Pacific. That alone made the preparations, long journey, and long return home well worth it. They also realized the economic potential for the fur trading in the west. Congress rewarded the members of the expedition with double pay and land grants. This great expedition has proved to be one of the most important in United States history. The details of this trip are known because at least seven of the men kept journals. The Lewis and Clark trail today is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

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