The Journey And Experience Is The Reward

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During my life, I have taken many journeys without which I would not have experienced important truths and without which I would not be who I am today. Ever since middle school, I have always dreamed about going to Harvard or Yale, just as many kids; but, the truth is, that not many from developing countries are able to. Everyone may have the opportunity to go to the United States, but not many have the possibilities to experience this new world.
I was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 14, I went on my first journey to the United States; it was my brother’s civil wedding. Everything started back then in 2009, when for the first time I went on an international flight. I could not sleep the whole flight, I was anxious to go to this place everyone talks and dreams about, New York City. Why was that important to me? I mean, most of the people who go there just tell you about how big are the buildings, how awesome is the Empire State, and many other things; but have they ever realized the mix of cultures you find there? Or, did they ever notice the stress of the business man, the sadness of the poor, the fear and anxiety of Chinese people trying to sell their purses? That was what I got from New York City; a mix of cultures, emotions, and races.
What I got from that trip is what made me take this decision. After a year, I decided I wanted to experience something new; I wanted to accomplish my dream of studying abroad. I transfer from my first and only school in Peru, to something completely different: Passaic Valley High School. It was not only the place that was different; it was the people, the language, the teacher, the way they teach, the clubs, the sports; it was EVERYTHING. I was in another world, I felt alienated. For the first time of my life, I did not know how to make new friends. I have always had the same friends since kindergarten, and making new friends seemed...

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