The Journey Of Food Through The Body

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The Journey of Food Through the Body:
By Jason Aroulanda, Marco Biroli, Samuel Yang, and Jae Choi

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Ever wondered how your body miraculously turn your food into nutrients and energy that your body can use? Here are step by step process on how our human body digest, or turn food into useful nutrients our body could use.

Step 1: Mouth
Digestion takes place right after your first bite of food. Chewing breaks up the food to aid the digestion process. The food then mixes with saliva to help go down the Esophagus, as well as break down the food.

Step 2: The Esophagus
The esophagus is a tube that connects your throat to your stomach. As food enters the esophagus, salivary glands releases saliva to make it easier for food to travel through. It uses contractions, called peristalsis, to transport food to your stomach. A high pressure exists in the connection of the stomach. This is to prevent the food from going back into your esophagus.

Step 3: The Stomach
Stomach is used to hold food and at the same time, mixes and grinds the food you’ve eaten. The walls of the stomach are muscular and contracts to further break down the food. The stomach uses hydrochloric acid (HCL) and enzymes to break up the food into a consistency of a paste. The paste is called chyme, a substance where your body starts to extract the nutrients it needs. From there the chyme goes into the small intestine.
Step 4: The Small Intestine
The small intestine is a long tube coiled in the abdomen, approximately 20 feet long spread out. The small intestine continues to break down the food by enzymes, released from the Pancreas, and the bile.
Peristalsis, also used in Esophagus and Stomach, is again used to move food through and mix with enzymes and the bile.
Bile, produced from the liver and released from the Gallbladder, is a compound that helps the digestion of fat and removes waste from the blood.
In the small intestine, there are three...

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