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The Journey Of Heroism Essay

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At some point, Enrique reached rock bottom yet Enrique was able to overcome it with the support of others. There is no doubt that the journey is a challenge now Enrique 1,800 miles away from home, he has lost the only way to communicate with his mother her phone number. Now Enrique has to work to earn money to buy telephone cards and to survive. At some point Enrique encounters rock bottom he has no money for food and starts to take old bad habits on sniffing glue. The desperation makes Enrique grow more depressed on not being able to cross. However, several weeks later he was able to reach his mother and tell her to hire a smuggler for him to reach to North Carolina. This motivated Enrique ...view middle of the document...

The resentment that he was left behind conspirers to harm the relationship with his mother. Enrique now in the U.S. is able to send money to Belky and to his girlfriend and to his daughter. Conversely, tension is present he and his mother have been consequently arguing and Enrique’s finds escape in old bad habits that leads Enrique to develop an unhealthy relationship with his mother that eventually affects the relationship with Maria Isabel. However, overtime Enrique comes to realize that he has a responsibility as a father he wants Maria Isabel to come to the States so they can both provide a better life for their daughter Jasmin. Eventually he realizes that in order to achieve that he has to let go of the feeling of resentment and learn to appreciate what he has and change to become a better person. Overtime Lourdes has realized that “Enrique [has] straightened up, stop drinking, and no longer feel so bitter toward her… and now he is ready to move on. She feels the same warmth and love from Enrique as when he first arrived on her doorstep in North Carolina.”(235).Enrique is willing to let go of the past and start a new chapter with his mother and with Maria Isabel when she comes. This demonstrates that Enrique was acting selfish and now he acknowledges that in order to achieve and provide a better life he needs the help and the support of Maria Isabel to provide a better life to Jasmin. Enrique works harder...

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