The Journey Of Odysseus The Essey Contains: The Time, The Place And Short Description Of Events In The Film.

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The film "Odyssey" or, as it is also known as "Die Abenteuer des Odysseus", "Homer's Odyssey", "Odissea",, was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky on the bases of Homer's classic epic poem "The Odyssey" and launched in 1997. The plot consists of three main episodes: The Trojan War (which is dismissed quickly since it is the subject of Homer's other great work "The Iliad"), the journey of Odysseus (Armand Assante) and his crew, and Odysseus' return to his beautiful world Ithaca. Throughout the film there are obvious omissions (for example one part in the story which was called "Sirens") and rewrites from the original and long text (like scenes at Ithaca), however the film gives a clear picture of the story as a whole, its location and a time line of some events (the Trojan War occurred around 1260 B.C.).The journey of Odysseus starts with the sailing out to the sea - to the shores of mighty Troy. Odysseus is taken by pride and courage which makes him think that nothing in this world will be able to stop him from what he has planned to achieve, not even gods, whom he used to put his trust on, "I see you are no longer with me, Athena. But it is alright - I can do everything myself!" The climax of his confidence and self-assurance is when after the victory over Trojans he comes to the shore of Mediterranean Sea and shouts at gods, "Do you see gods of see and steady? I have come to Troy - me - Odysseus - a mortal man, a flesh... I don't need you now. I can do anything!" This is where a 10 year long suffering begins which separates Odysseus from beloved Ithaca, family, "his world".On the duration of 10 years Odysseus' wonders bring him to ten different places (or events) before he reaches his home. In six of them he is accompanied by his faithful soldiers who, with every journey, become less until at last all of them vanish in the depth of Charybdis who at times opens her wide mouth and swallows every living creature. From all of these journeys made by Odysseus and his fellow there is something to learn. When the crew comes to the cave of Cyclops (Reid Asato), we see cunning, but at the same time the clever brain of Odysseus: " will eat all the magic that is in my head." " are not foolish..." which entraps Cyclops - he wants to know the secret, he gulps the "drink of gods". The next touching seen is when the faithful and courageous Antiphus (Stuart Thompson) starts playing on his pipe thus letting all to escape from the savage death, which he chooses himself for the sake of his friends. What I thought would be nice to add to this episode was the coming of Cyclops' brothers after him calling, "Nobody has blinded me!" That would emphasize the trick of Odysseus calling himself "Nobody" - "If nobody has blinded you, why are you crying out for help?"The next journey brings Odysseus' ship to the god of winds Aeolus (Michael J. Polland) who sees in him a first mortal who uses his mind and understands that there is always something to learn. The god...

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