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The Journey Of Restless Road Essay

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Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack, and Zach Beeken all had the intention of being solo artists, but when cutting some people out of the competition, Simon Cowell came up with the idea to put the three guys together. With only being acquaintances, they guys had to get to know each other and practice their harmonies. With their first song they ever sang they gained fans, and they decided on naming their band Restless Road.
Andrew Scholz, is from Summersville, South Carolina. He was born on August 12, 1994 He plays the guitar and tried out for X Factor in the summer of 2013. He only impressed Simon, but the other judges didn’t like his song choice. Simon gave Andrew another chance and he sang a country song and won all three yeses.
Colton Pack, is from Fayette County, West Virginia. He was born on December 3, 1994. He did record some songs when he was fifteen, but he didn’t make it as far as he hoped. One day after years of waiting, he tried out for X Factor in the summer of 2013. He wowed the judges and he received three yeses.
Zach Beeken, is from Indiana, Pennsylvania. He was born on July 12, 1995. Before trying out for X Factor, Zach would upload youtube covers and get many replies. He has said to always love singing. He one day took the leap in the summer of 2013 by trying out for X Factor. Zach is known to have a baritone voice, and that was what gave him three yeses.
After the people were cut, Simon called for Andrew, Colton, and Zach to come back onto the stage. With their fate on the line, Simon breaks the news to them and tells them they are a group. The three guys had no problem giving up their solo careers. They all met at Andrew’s house and they all got to know each other and they decided to name their band name Restless Road. and practice singing together. With a week of practice, they were ready to compete at the four chair challenge.
Restless Road sang “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban during the four chair challenge. Simon was more than impressed with their performance, and was glad that put them together. The other judges were as well shocked and said they saw the hext Country band. Simon had to send some people home, and he said he would not send Restless Road home. They then moved on to the top 13.
They three guys sang “Roar” by Katy Perry on the first Live show, and they again wowed the judges and earned a spot in the top twelve. The next week was Mowtown Night...

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