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The Journey To A New Life

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Seeing the large green statue on the boat gives Marisia a sense of freedom and belonging, but a familiar sense of worry washes over her like the salty waves. Marisia is feeling a mix of emotions throughout the contemporary historical fiction story, Streets of Gold by Marie Raphael, but somehow she knows it will all be ok in the end. She knows this from seeing that one, beautiful statue. Before Marisia’s life changes at the turn of the century in a small Polish town, Marisia’s brother, Stefan Bolinski, is taken into the evil czar army. However, he runs away back to home a little while later because he hated the army, and all they stood for. After he comes back, Marisia, along with the rest of ...view middle of the document...

Through all the fatigue, hard hours, and barely any pay, Marisia is able to come out strong on top. The second reason why the journey to America is worth it is because Marisia is able to give her children and her future generations the freedom and opportunities she has, as well as the ability to create their own lives in a free country. When Marisia first comes to America, she is left with a difficult choice: to either stay in America, or go back to Europe, with her sick sister, parents and brother. As a result, Marisia thinks long and hard, and realizes that “If she [goes] back, she would be choosing to live [her mothers] nightmare all over again” (Raphael 77). Marisia’s brother, Aleksander, dies in the czar army before they immigrate, and if Marisia goes back, her children would also be abducted from the czar army, and maybe even die. Her mother becomes very depressed when her Aleksander dies, and Marisia will go through the same thing if she heads back. Lastly, all the ups and downs of the journey to America are worth every second because Marisia finally finds her beloved streets of gold. On the way to America, people tell her stories about how America’s streets are paved with gold, and after arriving, Marisia does not find her streets, and starts to lose hope. Until, “There out in the water, where [Marisia] would have never thought to look for it, is one of the streets of gold…[they] would disappear when the day ended, but would reappear too” when the new day begun (Raphael 215). Marisia finally learns to have faith and hope that everything will turn out alright in America.
Although there are countless reasons why the journey is worth it for Marisia, however some might think that the journey is not worth it for a few reasons. One of these reasons is that Marisia’s family has to travel back to Europe because Katrina (Marisia’s younger sister) tests positive for tuberculosis at the Ellis Island doctor center. Marisa is in disbelief: “They can’t mean it, sending...

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