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The Journey To Teaching Essay

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The Journey to Teaching

My philosophy on education

In taking this course there is one overwhelming fact that has become clear to me- Teaching is an ongoing process in which I will be te Student,as much as I am the Educator. My philosophy on education has greatly expanded from doing all that I can to help children learn, to a string of many ideas, and thoughts, which will shape my classroom. These are what i will discuss in this reflection.

Lisa Delpit and her book Other People's Children, was influential to helping shape my educational philosophy. In her book, Delpit draws attention to educating minorities, and gives many examples as to why it is so hard. One reason is the language barrier between the teacher, and his/her students. I feel that from reading this book it is necessary for teachers to understand that culture impacts many of the ways our children speak. Delpit gives an example of this when discussing a conversation between a white teacher and her black student. The teacher is correcting the black child on how to say "brother." The student is reading to the teacher and he pronounces the word "bruvver," at which time the teacheer stops him and tries to get him to say the word in proper dialect (Delpit, 1995, p.59). There are a few problems that Delpit raises with doing this. First she says that you do not allow the child to gain confidence in their reading, and second, the child is interrupted continuously. Therefore the child will not be able to advance in the same manner as the other students who can read in the proper dialect.

Culture plays a tremendous role in educating our youth, not only directly, like the example above, but also in the relationships between parent and teacher. Delpit calls this "Ignorance of Community Norms." (Delpit, 1995,p.175). She argues that teachers need to consider where the parent is coming from in order to have a better relationship with them. I agree with that, but she gave an example in the book I found unreasonable.

A mother came into school on her son's birthday and threw him a party. The woman had been drinking, and acted in an unprofessional way. Delpit arguesthat the teachers should have understood that the woman went through a lot of trouble to throw the party, and the alcohol may've given her the courage necessary to entertain the children (Delpit, 1995, pp. 179-180). To me, there is no reason for a mother to come onto school grounds intoxicaed. I feel that Delpit was wrong in trying to justify such an action, becasue the woman was a minority.

Understanding that different cultures celebrate different holidays is also an important aspect of teaching. We must understand taht if we choose to have one culture's holidays seem more important than another, than we are in fact creating a superior culture in our own classrooms. This also ascertains to teacher to teacher relations. if we as teachers do not acknowledge our co-worker's cultures as equally...

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