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The Joy Of The Outdoors Essay

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How are you going to spend your free time? Are you going to spend it at home watching T.V. with your friends or are you going to spend it out in the country climbing mountains, rafting whitewater, or carving down the side of a mountain? These are just a few of the things that you can spend your time doing as an alternative to being a lazy sack and staying inside and playing video games. There are many ways people have fun outdoors. Living in Eastern Idaho there are literally hundreds of places to go and things to do that people don’t take advantage of. There are many different activities that one can participate in all year round specifically in the spring-summer, fall, and winter times.
One of the most physically challenging outdoor activities that is very popular in the summer time is rock climbing. People often have a skewed perception of what rock climbing actually is about. “Rock Climbing is all about adventure and interacting with the environment… this activity [is] a leading adventure pursuit, a nice fit in western leisure lifestyles” (Cross). Basically in its simplest form it is just someone wearing a harness and literally just climbing up rock faces. Sound easy? Wrong. Even on the simplest routes, it requires a unique and continual use of almost all of the bodies muscle groups. There are not any breaks for the rest of climb until finished and the climbers reached the bottom. While on the rock the climber must continually use his different holds and cling to rock and slowly make his way to the top. At first it is relatively easy, but the more time spent on the rock, the more time the body is spent holding itself up and the more difficult it gets to move forward. By the end of the climb the climber is usually drained. After four or five climbs in one day, it is no wonder people find that all professional rock climbers are usually at top physical condition. Spending a week at the City of Rocks with experienced rock climbers is difficult. A specific memory always comes to mind of being three quarters up the first climb and immediately regretting the decision due to a thorough and complete exhaustion felt at the time. It was the first time I’ve ever been rock climbing on an actual rock that wasn’t made out of plastic and measuring in at twenty feet tall. Once at the top it is all worth it though to have the feeling of accomplishment and getting to experience the equally fun experience of repelling down the rock.
Rock climbing is one of the most physically demanding activities anyone could do. But besides just being very tasking to the body, it also requires a great deal of focus. “Use your mind, not just your muscles, when climbing. Always look ahead up the rock thinking about where you should place your hands and feet next. Think several moves ahead of where you are and mentally create a route to follow” (Anders). It not only gets you in peak physical condition it also always keeps you thinking and mentally aware of your...

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