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The Joys And Benefits Of Cursive Writing

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“What is this? I am not accepting this paper until you rewrite it in cursive!” This is what I heard from my old teacher telling my buddy who didn’t take the ‘cursive only’ rule seriously. I attended MMI, a private military school that instilled many values in their students; including, the aforementioned ‘cursive only’ rule. I didn’t really understand why they made us write in cursive, I actually hated it! “Let me write the way I want to write!” is something I always dreamed about yelling at my teacher, yet I still went along with it. After graduating from MMI I moved on to high school where I would find myself exclusively writing in cursive, it was now a part of me. For ...view middle of the document...

For children learning cursive, it would be much easier for them to learn and retain information, which can only translate to better grades in school. In the SAT’s [what SATs], the fifteen percent of students who used cursive did better than those who used any other type of handwriting (Supon). With better cognitive thinkers our community would be able to grow as a whole and we could have a better future.
“With the rise of electronic communications, even less time is being devoted to teaching handwriting in our schools. The written art may be an endangered species,”(Carpenter). How will people officiate contracts and other important documents when we only teach children how to type? Electronically? If we go down that path then it would be so easy to forge a signature and take credit cards or an identity. Some officials claim [who?] that the time teaching cursive would be better-spent teaching keyboard skills. In this instance, students do not have to use their pens or pencils to draw the letters out, which will make retaining information less efficient and not help the development of motor skills. Technology has been known to fail, and when it does our pen and paper is there to back us up.
Without learning cursive how will students be able to read original source documents and write about them? Many of our nation’s vital historical events were documented in cursive handwriting, including but not limited to; The Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and a “Letter from a Birmingham Jail" by the Rev....

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