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The Joys Of Having Children Essay

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Today there seems to be more reasons not to have children than there are to have them. Reasons can go from the pain that is experience to the possibility of losing a child. There is no way of knowing what life will throw you when you decide to have a child, but the experience of having one will definitely be worth it. One of the reasons that women choose not to have a child is the horror stories that they are told about the pain that comes with childbirth. The thought of pushing a grapefruit through a pinhole can scare away a lot of people from wanting to experience childbirth. However, today there are ways of medically reducing the pain that comes along with the birthing experience. There are epidurals and other medication that will ease the pain of bringing life into the world. However, there are many brave and strong expectant mothers who decide to bring their children into the world naturally. Many of these women tend to momentarily forget the pain after seeing their baby for the first time. And just in case the pain comes back after the baby is whisked off to the nursery, most women tend to forget about it after a few months. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. Another reason that people tend to turn away from being parents is the thought that they may be failures. How can you fail at something if you do not give it a try? Nobody is expected to be the perfect parent and nobody every said that raising children is an easy job. A child may be an exact blueprint of a parent or may be the total opposite. A parent's expectation of a child can be out of the world at times. You may want your child to be a brain surgeon, astronaut, lawyer or even the president of the United States and they may turn around and become something that is not desirable to the parent. However, if the proper values are instilled in a child as they grow and they are the best at what they do when they become adults, then you have been successful as a...

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