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The Joys Of Teaching Essay

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Since my childhood I was dreaming to be a teacher as my first teacher who taught me how to climb up the stairs of education step by step until I reached where I am today. Thank you deeply from my heart my dear teachers, you were my light to cross my way and here I am a teacher who have graduated from my Bachelor degree and doing my Masters degree in order to get more knowledge and education to grow it back in our new coming up generations.
After I have graduated from my Bachelor degree, I started to teach in a secondary school where I was students one day. During my teaching period, I earned a lot of experiences and teaching values that have been motivating me to ...view middle of the document...

I entered the classroom when the students were getting ready to get out to the play ground of the school then I greeted them with a morning wish. The students just got surprised that I am standing in front of them on the first class while it supposed to be on the forth class.
Me : ok girls, let me inform you about some changes for today’s timetable,
Students : please Miss, do not say that our physical training class got cancel,we just have it once a week,
Me : owh, not to this point girls. It is just all about changing times. The physical training class will be replaced with the English class then the physical class will be the forth class for today, that is it,
Students : can we know the reason, Miss ?
Me : of course, today my supervisor has come to the school, and he wants to attend our class for today. He has a limit time, for that he asks to make the English class the second one,
Students : owh, ok teacher we wish you a good luck and will be active enough to help you to manage our class in a good and an easy way. But we have a condition ( with smiles on their faces ) ,
Me : okay, what is that ?
Students : we hope that you can join our physical training and have fun with us ( with bigger smiles than the previous )
Me : emmmm .. ok girls, let me see ( with a smile on my face ),
get ready for the class, I will be back with the supervisor within 10 minutes.
After ten minutes,the bell had rung for the second class to start. I entered the classroom along with my supervisor. The teacher managed the class for forty five minutes which is the time for each class in our school with an appreciated help from the students.
The class had finished, I left the classroom with the supervisor. He gave a very good report about the teacher and the students as well. But there was a point that the supervisor had mentioned it at the end in order to take it in consideration. He had noticed that the students have a simple problem with their pronunciation of some certain words. Actually, this is not an unusual problem as the students are learners and English language is a foreign language for them. The supervisor was agreeing with this point but he just wants the students to be better and better at learning the language.
He said : well, it is not a problem from teachers but it would be a great task if the English teachers in this school cooperate together to come out with one teaching methodology in order to take over this problem.
Hence, me and my colleagues who are teaching English in our school had decided to help on this problem. We had come with an idea and asked the administration to agree to put on two classes for a pronunciation correction per week to work with the students with out and barriers in order to get this problem solved.
Our school administration was so helpful for this reason we got the permission to apply our idea on the ground of reality. Monday and Thursday were the days that we had chosen to meet with the students...

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