The Joys Of Winter Essay

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A cold, depressing, long period of time where people are upset and broke from the cost of happiness; runny noses, cheeks rosy and never feeling dressed warm enough: Is it really the most wonderful time of the year? In my eyes, it is. Winter to me; is something completely different. A time where you wake up snuggled up with the heat blaring, a time where everything around you takes your breath away and a time where what you have is cherished most. What is truly so great about winter? The atmosphere changes, the spirituality really stands out due to Christmas and happiness is like the flu that we all manage to catch.

The atmosphere in the winter, and especially at Christmas is incredible. The mood that is given off and the feel of it all is like the warm tingles you get when sipping the first gulp of your hot chocolate on a freezing cold day; soothing. It’s true; I am such a traditional girl. I think my life would fall apart if I lived in Florida and didn’t get to experience the snow for every Christmas morning. I love snow. I love the look of the trees and roads as you see nothing but the white snowflakes blanketing as far as you can see. I adore the sensation of walking in the snow, breathing that refreshing, cool scent in through my frozen nostrils. I love when that final bell goes freeing the teenagers off into their Christmas holiday. First thing I do is go shopping. It’s funny, I cannot stand shopping; meanwhile when it’s for friends and family at Christmas time, I never feel like I have enough time. I love curling up by the fireplace, or taking a hot bath after the mountain of snow you just had to shovel through. Most importantly though, I love the feeling when you know you’re so happy; that you could freeze that moment and live in it for eternity, that to me is the winter season.

Secondly, the spirituality truly stands out. Something about winter just sends off that vibe, the vibe of closeness, love and true meaning of life. I can’t get enough of this specific time of the year, because it’s when most people come to know the Lord. It’s the time when family gathers together to come watch the Christmas plays, see the nativity scene displays and celebrate Jesus’ birth. This is the time when it hits most people, the realization of eternal life. This is such a huge...

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