The Juggernaut Force Of Colonialism Illinois State/ Sociology Essay

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The juggernaut force of colonialism
Anthony Giddens is a contemporary sociological theorist, whom developed the concept of the juggernaut. In his work Giddens describes the juggernaut as “a runway engine of enormous power which, collectively as human beings, we can drive to some extent but which also threatens to rush out of control” (Giddens 40). This explains the fact that we can sometimes control this greater force, but it can swerve out of control and end up manipulating us. At times, this force leads to paths that are not foreseen and often crushes those who oppose it. Giddens gives the example of modernity as something that can be seen, and he argues, is a juggernaut. Modernity can be seen as the advancement of society, from a pre-modern to a modern world. Often described through technological advancements: technology is rapidly expanding and quickly taking control of our lives. We become distant from things that really matter to us. Thus, enabling the term distanciation to be part of this explanation of Giddens’ work. With this, we see ourselves being controlled by things far from us and that are bigger than us. With this massive force in our way, we can go with it, and at times it will bring hopeful anticipation, but we must also note that we will never be able to control it completely. In the case of modernity, people tend to have more insecurities which lead them to trust those people in power and enable them to have control over us. In pre-modern societies it was the elders who possessed the knowledge, but in a more modern society, we must rely on expert systems; this leads into another property of Giddens’ modernity: disembedding of time and space. “in pre-modern societies, space was the area in which one moved, time was the experience one had while moving. In modern societies, however, the social space is no longer confined by the boundaries set by the space in which one moves” (Giddens 41). With this we find ourselves in differing pre-modern and modern societies from each other. This is Gidden offering a solution to taking control of the juggernaut: “reembedding”. Yes, we have uncertainties of where this force is going to take us, but through the process of reemebedding we can turn the expert-systems into something we are more used to. We can spend hours delegating over Giddens’ juggernaut of modernity, but what is most important is his explanation of this greater force that has taken us by the horns and manipulated us in every single aspect. With this, we move on to colonization as a juggernaut force:
Colonization has been a method of spreading and invoking cultures on other people around the world. From Christopher Columbus, to modern colonization of American culture being imposed on middle eastern countries. The concept of colonizing, over the years, has turned into something that as a society is nearly impossible to stop. In the words of Anthony Giddens, “the juggernaut crushes those who oppose it.” These simple words make it...

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