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The Juno Awards Essay

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Over the past 40 years or so, the Juno Award statuette has been through many changes and adaptations. Here’s the journey of the metronome-shaped RPM Gold Leaf awards into the Juno Award of the present-day.

1970-74 The Juno Awards (originally called the RPM Gold Leaf award) was designed by the co-founder of the Juno Awards, Stan Klees. It was an 18 inch award, made of walnut, designed to bear a resemblance to a metronome.

1975 The award was re-created into a larger (23 inch), more acrylic version. The designer was once again Stan Klees. This was the year that the Juno Awards were first televised, and was also the year they were renamed. The name “Juno Awards” was given to honour CRTC ...view middle of the document...

The record number of the “Most Juno Award Nominations,” is 66, held by popular songstress, Celine Dion (she has had 20 wins of the 66 nominations)! The most Juno Awards actually won is 24, held by Anne Murray. Bryan Adams has have 58 nominations and 18 wins; the most recent being in 2000 for Best Male Artist.
Some other popular names/ familiar faces in Juno Awards history are as follows:
Alanis Morissette- 13 wins, 23 nominations
The Tragically Hip- 12 wins, 43 nominations
Shania Twain- 12 wins, 30 nominations
Nickelback- 12 wins, 32 nominations
Michael Buble- 11 wins, 25 nominations
Nelly Furtado- 10 wins, 20 nominations
Pierre Juneau-

Pierre Juneau was born on October 17th, 1922 and died on February 21st, 2012 (at the age of 89), and was arguably a Canadian musical hero. He was born into a working-class family in Montreal. After graduating from the Université de Montréal, where he met Pierre Trudeau (the 15th Prime minister of Canada), he studied at the University of Paris. Upon his return to Montreal, he co-founded a political magazine, Cité Libre, with Mr. Trudeau.

He was the Jeunesse Étudiante Chrétienne (JEC) Canadian representative at the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) Centre in1947–49. In 1949, he joined the National...

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