The Just In Time Manufacturing Process Essay

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Just in time manufacturing (also known as lean production or stockless production), by definition, is a process where inventory is delivered to the factory or company when it is actually needed. Because the internet is taking control of the ordering of supply demands making it more flexible and faster in regards to turn around times, (Songini) JIT manufacturing is credited with reducing costs, improving delivery and quality, and improving performance.The just in time ordering method has been used for centuries. This method means knowing what to order when. One prominent advantage is the savings a company gets from not having to provide space or warehouses to maintain back stock, some of which is rarely used. Of course the events of September 11th made companies second-guess this method as to deciding if it was really the best plan of action. Due to heightened security issues that followed the 9-11 tragedies, many companies lost money because of the lack of ability to receive merchandise, parts or supplies.The JIT system "demands a very disciplined assembly line process". Basically if the part is missing, then the assembly line is forced to stop which results in the loss of money. (Songini) This was a lesson learned by the Chrysler Corporation when it was forced to--as a last resort--use the railways in order to get their needed parts across the borders to their manufacturing plants. Despite this flaw, many companies are still choosing this way of business. Automotive giants such as Toyota and computer manufacturing plants for Dell think this type of ordering is more efficient. ("The basic elements of JIT were developed by Toyota in the 1950's and was firmly in place in numerous Japanese plants by the early 1970's." It took ten years for the United States to adopt this method. (Schonberger))On the positive side, JIT eliminates waste from overproduction, waste from product defects (from sitting on the shelf too long), and...

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1253 words - 5 pages The Idea of Just in Time The idea of Just In Time originated in Japan. Actually this type of inventory/production was originally known as the "Toyota Production System". A man by the name of Taiichi Ohno is credited as the person who first came up with this system. He looked at the Western industries and found that the manufacturers would set up their manufacturing lines to produce a large quantity of one product before stopping and

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2081 words - 8 pages results of implementation?Just-in-time manufacturing is basically the idea that companies shouldhave manufacturing and purchasing strategies that reduce the time betweenthe beginning of the manufacturing process and shipment to the customer.This sounds easier said than done, for the development and implementationof these strategies are some of the most difficult tasks in just-in-timemanufacturing.One key idea that must be understood about just-in

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1826 words - 7 pages manufacturing system. It is a useful process where wastage is eliminated through the proper utilization of resources. The purpose of it is to cut off the waste processes so that the continuous productivity may be observed. The philosophy of JIT is right place at right time and thus it is idealistically named as "Just in Time" (Black, 2009, 500-501)Unnecessary aspects are eliminated at the earliest and thus eliminates any chances for methods of faulty

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3185 words - 13 pages can get by moving to a Just-in-Time system.Inventory is a very import aspect of an organization manufacturing process. There are several different types of inventory. Inventory can be raw material, Work in Progress (WIP) or even finished products. Without raw material inventory the process stops and with to much inventory, storage space is needed. By limiting the amount of inventory need to product the product you save money and space in storage

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1408 words - 6 pages must have a practical, efficient method for managing inventory in order to stay in business and satisfy their customers. The most efficient way to get this done is through the use of a Just-In-Time (J-I-T) system of inventory management. The service that Cardinal Health provides is an example of this type of J-I-T system which allows them to get the right quantity of goods to the right place and at the right time. Efficient inventory management is

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1604 words - 6 pages work schedule and each process "pushes" its output to the next one. In the pull system workers go back to previous stations and take only those parts or materials that they need and can process immediately. When their output has been taken workers at the previous station know it is time to start producing more and they reproduce the exact quantity that the subsequent station just took away. If their output is not taken the workers simply stop

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2631 words - 11 pages Just In Time Inventory SystemsOverviewJIT is an integrated manufacturing process designed to achieve high-volume production using the smallest inventories possible. JIT systems maintain parts flow so that inventories do not build up at any stage of the manufacturing process, allowing rapid completion and requiring active management of the production process. JIT strives to maintain minimal all inventories: raw materials, works-in-progress, and

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2675 words - 11 pages article warned that implementing product and process quality improvements require prudence due to possible trade-offs between cost and quality, which would in turn affect profitability negatively.3.3 Journal of Operations Management 23 (2005)Build-to-order and just-in-time as predictors of applied supply chain knowledge and market performanceThis article seeks to examine the effects of Build-to-order (BTO) and just-in-time (JIT) on applied supply chain

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1239 words - 5 pages JUST-IN-TIME STRATEGY FOR A TURBULENT WORLDUniversity of PhoenixJanuary 25, 2009Linda StewartMBA/580Instructor: Dr. Conrado SampangJUST-IN-TIME STRATEGY FOR A TURBULENT WORLDThe article discusses difficulties of companies in business forecasting due to rising risk levels and uncertainty. The author recommends using a "portfolio of initiatives" approach to strategy to reduce the number of risks taken by a company. Chief executive officers (CEO

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1205 words - 5 pages took the time to get to know her, which was just about everyone. She was one of those girls that was ugly in middle school, but became beautiful in adolescence. The only problem was she didn’t know it, as far as she was concerned she remained the ugly duckling. Which was far from reality. Anne was about two weeks shy of her twenty-third birthday and could pass for eighteen. She had soft copper hair that rested just beneath her ears, perfectly

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