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The Justification Of The Use Of Atomic Weapons In World War Two

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The Justification of the Use of Atomic Weapons in World War II

Oppenheimer and Einstein-The names even today invoke awe and heated debate in the same breath. Beginning in 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt about the possibilities of developing and the establishment of a nuclear bomb for the United States. This letter stated, “This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs, and it is conceivable—though much less certain—that extremely powerful bombs of this type may be constructed.” ( Einstein stated that the United States needed to secure a supply of uranium ore, either from Canada or Czechoslovakia. Secondly, the United States had to speed up the experimental work at the universities with governmental spending.

The letter Einstein wrote to Roosevelt did not get put into play until 1942, under the code name Manhattan Project. Using a huge percentage of the national budget the United States was successful in creating the first true weapon of mass destruction. On July 16, 1945, in New Mexico the first atomic bomb was tested. On August 6th, the A-bomb, known as little boy, exploded over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The bomb, equivalent to 15000 tons of TNT, was dropped from the EnolaGay.(Brodie 26-28) The atomic bomb proved to be a necessary step for the defeat of Japan, due to the amount of suffering that had occurred up to this point in the war.

World War II had become the most gruesome and hard fought battle. Beginning, in 1939, with the Nazi blitzkrieg of Poland and the Low Countries to the culmination of two atomic bombs being dropped on the people of Japan, World War I had been considered “the war to end all wars.” The trench warfare and gas attacks in the stalemate of Western Europe was nothing compared to the atrocities in the Second World War, fought only twenty years later, while the images of the First World War were still fresh in the minds of a decimated Europe. Along with the German lightning war came the ghettos and the concentration camps used to develop the master race through the extermination of all the undesirables. This Aryan race consisted mainly of fair skinned individuals, preferably with blond hair and blue eyes. All individuals who did not meet these
criteria were thrown in the ghettos. These ghettos consisted of many families cramped into a small house and given limited quantities of food. In these ghettos disease and death were rampant. The next stage of the Nazi war machine was headed by the SS, the concentration camps. These camps had the sole purpose of provide a temporary work forcetill the next group of able bodied Jews, and other social misfits, came in by the trainload. By the time Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945, six million European Jews had lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis. (Shirr 112-116)

Across the world, on the Pacific Front, Japan was waging a war that followed the samurai...

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