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The Karma Of A Former President

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Good governance, a bright future, and a prosperous country were what everyone had hoped when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, stepped up to fulfill her role as the president of the Philippines. The country was then in a disarray, with people protesting against the corruption of former president Estrada. Yet with the passing of time, worse had just befallen our country, crisis against crisis, debts piled high up beyond our country’s reach, accusations of corruptions and manipulations, this happened simply because of the abuse of power of one small woman, we once called our leader. It is with this that she deserves the KARMA that is currently happening in her life, from her illness to the evidences, allegations, and testimonies being presented against her, leading to that of her arrest this November. Our former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo deserves all these things that are happening to her, especially if all the accusations of corruption, manipulation, and disruption against her past reign as president to her current standing are true.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) thought nothing of the tiresome hours people labored to pay for the taxes that she uses as her own. As what can be seen from how she used $25000 or about a million pesos to feed her cronies, when she could have fed about 50,000 people. ALL her projects are for lack of better word, full of corruption. The biggest and most popular of her corruptions are the NBN- ZTE scandal, where GMA was told to have overpriced the project by $130 million. The overpricing of the North Rail and the South Rail, where it is even said that the building of these rails was where the greatest robbery in train history took place, and the most recent corruption scandal GMA was in, which is about the Army helicopters, where they got second hand models, but bought it for the price of brand new models. It is not specifically being pinned to her, but more so to her husband Mike Arroyo. The so-called owner of the helicopters, Archibald Po, pointed at the former first gentleman as the owner and the seller of this second hand helicopters. As what his signed affidavit from Newsbreak states, “I commented that the price was on the high side for pre-owned helicopters, but FG said that was the price he was willing to sell the helicopters.” (Musico).
Through the scandals that had befallen her, one would think that there could have been another uprising or impeachment held against her, but she held the chess piece, and she moved the pawns at her will. She manipulated her cronies with money and they protected her at all cost. The Generals in the army were first on the list; she gave them anything they asked for, and in turn no coup d'état took place. The high officers were even given houses or rather mansions to live in just for the special price of being her pawn. She used her pawns at her disposal, just like in the “Hello Garci” scandal, where a recording of the conversation of ex general V. Garcillano and GMA was heard....

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