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The Kennedy Assassination Essay

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The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest shocks to the nation and had a profound impact on all presidencies to come. The assassination is a lot commonly a topic of discussion because there are thousands of theories of who exactly killed JFK. The main suspect in the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, was killed just days after the assassination by Jack Ruby. With that being said there was never a trial for Oswald. After the assassination the succeeding president Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination. The Warren Commission concluded Oswald did kill the president and he acted alone. Many of Americans do not ...view middle of the document...

The next piece of evidence to be put into trial would be the rifle used in the assassination of President Kennedy. The gun used was a 6.5×52mm Italian Mannlicher-Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle. To put this gun into evidence I would have Lutinient Day, who was the first senior officer to arrive to the scene, he took photographs of the rifle and searched for prints then took the rifle into his possession and to the police station, to testify that the gun was in the possession of the police from the time it was discovered until it was tested and during trial. He would then confirm it was in no way tampered or altered. He would present the rifle as well as a photograph obtained from Oswald's home during a search showing Oswald holding the same rifle. To Establish the comparison and why these are the same exact rifle. Mr. Allen Welsh Dulles, the head of the CIA and a committee member of the Warren Commission whose sole mission was to investigate the assassination of Kennedy would then testify that reviewing the records of Crescent Firearms revealed that they had shipped the carbine serial number C2766 had been shipped to Klein's Sporting goods Co. of Chicago Illinois. Upon searching their records it was discovered they had shipped the carbine serial number C2766 to a A. Hiddell, P.O. Box 2915, Dallas, Texas on March 20th, 1963. Klein's received an order for the rifle on March 13th, 1963, on a coupon from a February issue of the Magazine. The coupon was signed and hand printed with a return address. The document examiners for the Treasury Department and the FBI testified that the bold printing on the mail-order was in the hand printing of Lee Harvey Oswald's. The P.O. Box this rifle was shipped to was also rented to Lee H. Oswald from October 9, 1962-May 14th, 1963. At the Hospital Darrel Tomlinson, a senior engineer for the hospital moved Governor Connelly's empty stretcher into the hall where upon bumping into a wall a bullet rolled out. The bullet fragment was then seized by the police. One of the ballistic experts the Commission brought to inspect the bullet and who i would call to the stand to testify ballistics would be Mr. Robert A. Frazier, a special agent of the FBI assigned to the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C. Mr. Frazier would tell the court he has worked in the field of firearms identification for 23 years, examining firearms of various types for the purpose of identifying the caliber and other characteristics of the weapons and making comparisons of bullets and cartridge cases for the purpose of determining whether or not they were fired in a particular weapon. He stated he has made approximately 50,000 firearms comparisons and has testified in court on about 400 occasions in his long career. He also would state he used applied the general principles accepted in the field of firearms identification. It is clear that Mr. Frazier is more than qualified to be an expert witness in court. Mr. Frazier concluded that the bullet found on...

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