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The Kenneth’s Research Design Method Essay

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In order to investigate about a scenario or an occurrence that has left history over time, an expert would rely on artifacts and other sorts of evidences that may help find out facts and fictions about such scenarios in question. In this paper, an approach or attention is focused on Kenneth’s research design on the wood lily research. The study uses a unique way of addressing the historical information about the site Kenneth. Similarly, the research method he adapted has been widely used in the study of anthropology to make learning about artifacts and historical sites to become easier. In this paper, there are specific questions that will be addressed based on the paper requirements.
In order to come up with an elaborate and comprehensive research work, an individual has to employ tactics and various skills or approaches of gathering information from the field. These approaches are referred to as methodologies that must be used during data collection and analysis in general. In Kenneth Feder’s research work there are various skills and methods that he used in his anthropology to enable end users of the materials to understand their purposes and impacts. In this section of the paper, attention is focused on the various methods that he used to gather data or raw information Kenneth.

The research design used by Kenneth Feder in his work relied mostly on primary data sources and some little of secondary sources use. Narratives, for instance, were used extensively in Kenneth’s work to enable the readers to capture concepts of wood lily and how it played a key role in the then society. In the current world, majority would capture stories based on their historical backgrounds and how effective the scenario in question is linked to the current world Kenneth. Anthropology provides an ideal approach...

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