The Main Conventions Of James Bond Movies

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The Main Conventions of James Bond Movies

The character of James Bond is seen to the audience as a hero.
Everyone wants to be James Bond because of his charming good-looks and
the gorgeous, seductive and underdressed women that he gets to sleep
with. Bond is smart, intelligent and unbelievably cool. James Bond is
a very sophisticated, good looking and strong character. The name
James Bond says he is obviously an English family man. Bond is usually
aged between 35 and 40 but is still as athletic as a teenager. Nearly
every one of bond's objectives involves international terrorism of
some sort and huge amounts of money or precious diamonds.

The women in James Bond are almost always the most beautiful women on
the planet who Bond is luckily enough allowed to sleep with Bond apart
from the fact that they are sometimes up to 10 years younger. The idea
of wearing the fewest clothes possible has made this series quite
appealing. Apart from that, bond girls are just there for decoration
to keep the viewer happy and interested and even sidetracked away from
the film.

The storylines have usually stayed the same with one deformed head and
several other of his employee's doing the dirty work. Thereare
sometimes bad girls who usually end up dying.

The enemies of Bond are often facially deformed yet still manage to be
one step ahead. There is always one boss who is not revealed until
later, and then several other of his employee's that do the dirty work
for him who frequently end up dying.

The makers of bond have maintained these ideas and conventions because
the success that the previous films have had and an unbeatable
formula, the producers use updated versions of the stereotypical high
profile James Bond, stunning bond girl and twisted and evil baddie.

James Bond Coursework - Task 2 - How Bond films have developed and
changed over the years

Women characters have not specifically changed during the years, each
bond girl as attractive as the other. In most bond films women are
seen as useless and incredibly passive however in Live and Let Die,
the women are surprisingly more intelligent, important and useful.

Bonds enemies have always been after world domination that almost
certainly involving terrorism


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